I know some people don’t like it much, but I sure am enjoying this cold spell. After a long stretch of feeling like I’m always covered in an electric blanket and freezing everyone else to death by keeping the heat on 65 I finally got chilly enough to turn it up on 68 and rest with a blanket over me today.

There was a little snow around the bottom of the trees in our yard this morning, and since it’s the first time it has snowed here since the boy has been born I let him go out and feel of it. He told me it made his hands cold, and then ran off to gleefully jump in three deep puddles of freezing water. I so admire his ability to entertain himself endlessly with what nature has provided him, whether it’s dirt or water puddles.

I’ve been feeling a little strange the past few days. I’ve been very happy and unable to get myself worked up over much, which is not like me. At the same time I feel a wave of anxiety on the horizon. I think my current calm must be a coping mechanism for the situation with our house — I can’t get too upset because if I do I may have a full fledged breakdown.

So instead I reckon I’m just living my best life despite the fact that I’m having a baby in a month and our house is still a little torn apart.

Those were my exact words to Michael yesterday when he asked me how my day was in fact. “I’m just living my best life on your dime.”

I guess that’s the beauty in being a housewife and a stay at home mom. There’s a lot of hard work in cleaning and cooking. You repeat the same tasks daily and they always require redoing. There is never an end in sight and never a sense of accomplishment that lasts longer than a few hours. There’s also a lot of hard work in bringing up a good human being and not beating your head against the wall when you feel like you’re failing.

But really when I think about it, I’m overcompensated for my hard work because I get to spend all the time I want to with my child, soon to be children, and with my family. And I get to rest when I need to, and I visit all of the thrift stores that my heart desires. That might not sound like much to some people, but to me it’s quite enough for this season of life.

This is the time of year for thankfulness, and I am very thankful right now that I am able to find happiness in the simple things in life, like cold weather, thrift store finds and daydreams.  Otherwise something trivial, like a messed up house, might easily ruin what should be the best time of my life.

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