People who visit Washington, DC from states where the coronavirus is surging have been ordered to quarantine when they arrive.

Apparently, Alabama GOP senate candidate, Tommy Tuberville, decided those rules do not apply to him.  For the record, Alabama is on the list of states ordered to quarantine upon arrival.

Tuberville was spotted fundraising and holding meetings recently.  He was also reportedly not wearing a required mask either.

Tuberville’s campaign manager defended him saying the mayor’s order specifically applies only to non-essential travel and ‘Coach’ Tuberville was working hard to help determine the direction of this nation and make sure Alabama has a United States Senator who represents Alabama’s values.”

He went on to make the point that Alabama Senator Doug Jones does not go into quarantine when he travels to Washington.

That ‘official’ statement is ridiculous and presumptuous, to say the least.

First, which team exactly is ‘Coach’ Tuberville coaching?  His last coaching job ended in 2016.    Most people are former whatever when being referred to.   I mean, I was a newspaper publisher and now I am a former.  The title must be for name recognition.

I am aware his campaign is convinced of his assured victory because of his sworn allegiance to President Trump.   He has not won the election yet.  We still get to vote in November.

And it is a slap in the face of Alabama voters to so blatantly act like he is conducting business on our behalf, months before the election. 

The comments about Doug Jones shows ignorance of the facts.  If this guy had done his homework, he would have discovered that Jones, as a duly elected Senator from Alabama, is exempt from the quarantine.  Namely, because he really is the one who currently represents us and the only one who has legitimate reason to be there on our behalf.  In other words, he is essential.

Since Tuberville became the chosen one simply by virtue of the Trump endorsement, we do not know much about his qualifications for the position.  His victory can be attributed to Trump’s campaign against Session with no real acknowledgment of leadership ability.

Other than being a former Auburn coach and his ads calling for ‘building the wall’, little is known about his views on anything that really concern us.

During the runoff campaign, Sessions challenged Tuberville to five debates across Alabama because the three candidates in the primary had reportedly all agreed to debate if there was a runoff.

After the primary, Tuberville refused to debate Sessions. He said his decision not to debate came down to the polling numbers, citing his double-digit lead.

Some facts about Tuberville are out there for anyone interested in learning them.  People should read and decide for themselves if he is their choice.

When he was the Auburn football coach, a player was reportedly arrested on a charge of second-degree rape involving a 15-year old girl.  Tuberville suspended the player.  Tuberville said he was disappointed, and the player would have to face the consequences of his actions, saying there would be punishment.

The player later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  After the plea deal, Tuberville lifted the suspension and the player sat out for only one game.

As a businessman, Tuberville was a partner in a hedge fund company.  He was sued for fraud and negligence.  Tuberville reportedly settled the case for an undisclosed amount, but his partner was sentenced to 10 years in prison.  At the time Tuberville claimed he was a victim, even though he reportedly had business cards, a leased BMW and paid health insurance through the company.

His lawyer at the time defended Tuberville saying, “it was bad judgement in that he got in bed with a guy who was a crook.”  He said, “being naïve is not a crime. “

 He recently went on record saying he did not support the extension of the $600 weekly federal unemployment benefits being paid under the CARES Act.  Tuberville said, “we are having people sit out working because they are making more sitting around.”

He should know.  When he quit his job at Auburn, he had a contract which paid him $5 million not to work. 

We need someone in Washington who understands that lobbyists do not have a clue about our Alabama values.  His former lawyer considered him a poor judge of character and called him naïve.  Having a naïve senator will not benefit the people of Alabama.

The outcome of an election should not be determined by a candidate’s political affiliations.  Alabama voters still get the final say and Tuberville needs to at least pretend to believe that.

Anita McGill is a former publisher of The Sentinel. She can be reached by email at

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