Based on historical events, there are fads or trends that come along and everyone jumps on the band wagon and the next thing you know, it’s a “thing.”

But this new trend of politicians using curse words everywhere they go is unacceptable and down-right disrespectful.

I’m no prude but it is beyond offensive when they can’t speak without using the s-word, the f-word, or the a-word and a whole lot more.

Data shows that a whole range of obscene language is being used at an all- time high for politicians.

2019 is becoming the year of the curse words.  And that is nothing to brag about.

President Trump and several Democrats seeking to replace him continue to use swear words to make their point.

From the s-word to the f-word, politicians have used profanity a record 1225 times on Twitter.  That doesn’t even include the use of profanity during their speeches.

One professor of cognitive science at USC says an increase in expletives shows that the swear words politicians use are “more acceptable in public discourse that a decade ago.”

Not in my book.

Why can’t they make their point without those nasty words?

 Profanity is socially offensive.

I understand that politicians are using profanity to express a heightened level of outrage and draw attention to their message, but there are other ways to do that.

 Society has always considered swearing a breach of etiquette, but that view has apparently gone out the window.

One recent study even suggests that people who swear are perceived as more trustworthy than those who don’t.

Those of us who grew up in the Bible Belt don’t think so.

Some experts even claim there are health benefits to swearing.  These include increased circulation, elevated endorphins and over all sense of calm, control and well-being.

Well, guess what?  Exercising will get the same result.

One theory is that men swear to create a masculine identity and women swear to be more masculine.  I guess this theory would depend on what kind of man or woman one wants to be.

 Research also suggests that people tend to judge woman more harshly than men for their use of obscenities.  Wow, we can’t even get a break when it comes to swearing!

Women also tend to use profanity more in mixed company as a means of asserting themselves and preventing men from dominating the conversation.  But the motive doesn’t justify the means.

Let’s face it.  Most swear words are derived from an intent to insult another person.  We also know that swearing can create a more hostile environment because its use incites people.

Cursing can even make the individual look immature and childish if they can’t control their mouths.

This type of language not only offends, angers and annoys, it intimidates and hurts people.  It will also give people the chance to judge that person in a negative light.

It certainly signals a lack of self-control and makes the person appear to have a limited vocabulary.  A person loses their power when they lose control.

Eighty percent of employers question the professionalism of those who curse at work.  More than half think foul-mouthed employees seem less intelligent.

A person’s influence or the lack of often comes from the words they use.

The Constitution guarantees that people have the right to freedom of speech.  However, obscene language falls into the category of unprotected speech.

What we say doesn’t reflect the type of person we want to be, it reflects on the type of person we already are.

Our leaders are given an honorable position to lead with their words and actions.  This includes the type of language they use.

By allowing vulgarity and profanity to invade their way of communicating, they are implying that words don’t really matter.

But they do.

For those of us who don’t spend their days in the locker room, we would appreciate some respect regarding the use of such foul language.

You can never go wrong by keeping it clean.

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