The United States House of Representatives recently launched an impeachment inquiry after a federal employee claimed to have knowledge alleging that President Trump used the threat of withholding military aid to Ukraine unless that government launched an investigation into former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

The hearings have begun behind closed doors with members of the administration being deposed.  The public hearings begin next week.

A whistleblower is a person who exposes secretive information on activities that are deemed illegal, unethical or not correct within a private or public organization.

The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 is a federal law that protects federal whistleblowers who work for the government and report the possible existence of an activity constituting a violation of law, rules or regulations or mismanagement or gross waste of funds.

In 2012 the Whistleblower Protection Act was strengthened to protect the federal employees who disclose information.  The Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act amended the act to specify that an inspector general’s office may not provide to Congress or the pubic any personally identifiable information on a whistleblower without their consent.

President Trump and his allies are pushing hard for disclosure of the identity of the intelligence community whistleblower.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has repeatedly said he will probably reveal the identity of the person and this weekend, Republican Senators added the whistleblower to the list of people they want to call in their defense of Trump.

This of course is totally irrelevant as the government’s job is to verify or discredit the claim made by the whistleblower.  Much of what the whistleblower detailed has reportedly been corroborated under oath by multiple witnesses. There is no longer any need for the whistleblower to be involved.

The impeachment inquiry has consumed Washington and the politicians who work there.

From the president to members of congress, the focus is all about maintaining controlling interest in the game of politics, instead of doing their jobs.

There could be serious ramifications for Americans due to their neglect of the people’s business.

Another government shutdown is right around the corner as the short-term spending measure runs out November 21.  If lawmakers don’t reach an agreement, another government shut down could occur.  Earlier this year this country experienced the longest shut down in history.

There is a final vote needed on the National Defense Authorization Act, which affects the Pentagon.  It also affects the military, who are expecting a pay raise.

Democrats claim they are willing to fund the military but won’t go along with Trump’s plans to take away billions of defense money for the wall along the southern border.

House Democrats are still trying to pass legislation to lower prescription drug prices.  The proposal would allow Medicare to negotiate for lower dug prices and apply taxes on drug companies that won’t accept prices similar to those charged in economically advanced countries.

Another ignored concern is election security.  There is proposed legislation that would require campaigns to report to the FBI any contact with foreign officials trying to interfere in a presidential election.

One bill being considered would impose sanctions against Russia or any country who attempts to interfere in the election process.

Congress assured the public they would tackle the issue of gun control.  They had agreed to open discussions when they returned from their summer break.

Members of congress had agreed to discuss proposals that included universal background checks, strengthening the current background check system and red-flag laws.

Even though they pretended this was at the top of their list for Americans in September, the urgency has faded as impeachment fever has taken priority.

President Trump had promised to deliver on an infrastructure plan since his first days in office.  The plan was to discuss and initiate a bi-partisan plan to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges and broadband networks.  A sufficient infrastructure plan would repair America’s deteriorating road system.  Several meetings have been scheduled with only drama between the parties being the outcome.

More than a month before Democrats initiated the impeachment inquiry, the House had passed 569 bills that are stalled in the Senate.

Hours after Speaker Pelosi announced the formal impeachment inquiry, the White House threatened to shut down work on any major legislation.

The public impeachment hearings begin next week.  If the House votes on articles of impeachment in December, the Senate will be forced to prepare for a trial in the following weeks.

We can count on more of the same after that.

Members of Congress and Trump are acting like we don’t matter.

Based on my understanding of whistleblower protocol, paying these guys for their service could be considered misuse of public funds.

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