Gov. Kay Ivey called it a historic day as she signed a bill that adds a 10-cent per gallon increase in the state gas tax.

Politics rears its ugly head again. There was more than a hint of shade here as Ivey and her gang got the bill passed and signed in order to fund road and bridge construction, they say.

The bill passed easily in the House and Senate. However, our local State Reps. Tommy Hanes and Ritchie Whorton voted against the bill.

Thank you, guys.

It was shady because Kay Ivey sat quiet through the election process last year. So instead of voting in Tommy Battle or Walt Maddox, proven leaders in their respective cities of Huntsville and Tuscaloosa, we picked her, even though we had no idea why.

And the rumor is Ivey and others vetted candidates last year, telling them if they didn’t support a gas tax increase bill they shouldn’t run.

Like it or not, Republicans scream no new taxes, lower taxes and so on. That’s what has people tore up. That, and Ivey who never said a word from March past November of last year.

We didn’t get to vote on it. The state guys saved us from ourselves.

The worst part, though, is Jackson County needs help. And this didn’t help. And worse, we can’t be saved from ourselves.

Unless the county commission can figure out how to pass an increase by itself, the reality is it won’t happen.

We will rail against these people who gave us a 10-cent gas increase. We will say all kind of things on social media.

But, in three years, we will forget, as we often do. And we will vote the same way again.

We can only blame ourselves.

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