Most of us have a competitive side. At least, I do. Losing at anything makes me want to try harder. My brain goes into overdrive. It becomes imperative that I understand what mistake I made and what I need to do differently to change the outcome.

A long time ago, I learned that failure is only a bump in the road to success.

All people are not built the same and some folks have difficulty accepting a loss.

 Their response is to immediately accuse the winner of cheating or somehow taking unfair advantage in order to secure a win.

 Psychologists say this may reflect a narcissistic personality because in their mind, the loss could not possibly be about them.

This is where we find ourselves nearly two weeks after a presidential election.

The reality is, on November 3, the people of this country went to the polls and voted to elect Joe Biden the next President of the United States.

It was an historic turnout with over 150 million votes being cast.  This kind of voter turnout was one for the history books.  The majority had spoken, and the results were clear.

Or so we thought.

President Trump has refused to concede.  It is certainly within his right as the incumbent to wait until all votes are counted and certified by each state to make a concession, but that is not the route he is taking.

It began with the, “the media doesn’t get to make that call.” Never mind that it was acceptable for the “media” to call the election four years ago when he won.   These were followed up with “fraud” and “cheating” accusations Two races, two outcomes, two different sets of rules, I guess.

While he gets to whine about the outcome, he does not have a right to question the integrity of voting in all the states.  It is a dangerous precedent, and it is disrespectful to the people who voted in this country.

Over 71 million Americans voted for him.  They did that because they believed in the democracy that is our country and because they believed their vote counted.  His ridiculous, baseless tweets about Democrats stealing the election, dead people voting, and rigged machines makes a mockery of their trust.

He continually calls his supporters patriots.

And there are some real patriots who support him, and they deserve better.  Patriots care about the direction and security of this country.  They love what this country stands for and know that our election should not be delegitimized because it undermines the will of the people. They care because they want this country to be a better place where freedom and empathy exist together.

They trust the process of a free and fair election that has been a tradition for centuries.

Trump has decided to handle this loss the same way he has handled every hurdle or loss in his career.  He is filing lawsuit after lawsuit.

Trump and his advocates have made claims of fraud or impropriety in the election.  Lawsuits have been filed in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and others.

His lawsuits are systematically being tossed out of court. This is not because the judges are Democrats, but because they have no merit and no credible evidence to support the claims they are making.

Several reputable law firms have already quit and do not want to handle these frivolous lawsuits.

A senior federal election security official, who was appointed by Trump, says his false post-election claims are “baffling,” “laughable, and “insulting.”

Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security team said there is no evidence of any voting system being compromised in the 2020 election. Trump tweeted the information, giving his administration credit for “making 2020 election most secure ever”.  He followed it up with a “Rigged election” comment.

Some are sounding the alarm about Trump’s actions by not beginning the transfer of power to the Biden administration, saying Trump’s actions are a danger to national security.

 Seeking to delegitimize America’s voting rights’ process because you do not like the results is not what we expect or deserve from our leader.

Just as the country had to accept his election four years ago, so does he have to accept his loss.

America is stronger than a man who wants to be king. We will get past this.

I receive a school newsletter from my daughter’s school every week.  This week one of the suggestions is that we need to teach our children how to be good sports.  We teach them to accept their losses and always congratulate the winner. 

Such a simple strategy.

Last year, Trump’s re-election campaign was selling t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan, “Get Over It.” Maybe it is time for him to place an order.

Anita McGill is a former publisher of The Sentinel. She can be reached by email at

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