Jason Bowen

As my daughter Oakleigh looked out the window at the ever-falling rain, the popular children’s song suddenly spring forth from her lips.

“Rain, rain go away, come again another day.” I image a few players and coaches would’ve have joined in to sing with her.

“Spring Sports 2019” has been one rainout or event postponed by unplayable conditions after another. In a couple cases, bone-chilling temperatures that would deter even hardcore fans from attending led to postponements.

Playing in the cold and battling the weather is a given in spring sports. It comes with playing an outdoor sport in February and March, typically cold and wet months.

But still it seems this weather has been overly unfair to teams this season.

The Scottsboro girls and boys varsity and junior varsity soccer teams have combined to play only 20 games this season. Those same teams have combined to have 32 games postponed along with all the practice days that were rained out.

“It’s definitely been frustrating,” said Scottsboro head soccer coach Patrick Laney. “It’s definitely tough for a new program to miss so many games and the practice time. But the kids have done a good job of handling it.” 

The circumstances have forced a lot of coaches into in-season scheduling mode. Their day goes like this: Check the weather report. Tomorrow is a good day to play. Get on the phone and call other coaches until finding another team who can play.

Games have popped onto the schedule in a matter hours as coaches do what they can to get their kids on the field.

The coaches of the teams I cover are always good about letting me know when their games have been postponed.

My phone has buzzed with a lot text messages that begin with “no game today…” With the weather we’ve had lately, maybe I should save them the time and have them to text me if their game is still on.

To paraphrase my daughter: “Rain, rain go away, come again another day, our spring sports teams want to play, rain, rain go away.”

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