Folks, 2020 needs to be over sooner rather than later.

Surviving a pandemic is stressful enough but living though an election year too was unpalatable.

Electing a new president should not be this difficult.

Last minute voting regulations, unprecedented numbers of absentee ballots and extended voting deadlines are just a few things that created havoc on an already anxious voting population.

Since we did not have a clear winner on election night, the counting continued for days.

But our Commander-in-chief did not sit idly by and wait like the rest of us.

He was outraged that he was not declared the winner automatically and took offense at the suggestion that all ballots must be counted in accordance with each state’s individual voting laws.

The sitting president’s comments regarding the election process has been appalling since way before we started voting.

He falsely claimed mail-in ballots lead to widespread fraud. His campaign has been accused of voter intimidation. He refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and vowed to launch legal challenges to prevent states from counting legitimate votes received with election day postmarks.

Pro-Trump protestors have appeared outside state capitols and ballot-counting centers.  The FBI arrested two armed men who reportedly had plans to attack the counting center in Philadelphia.

This is not the party of law and order.  It is authoritarianism led by a man who hates to lose.

His childish rhetoric is only part of the election day events that makes up look inept.

A 17-year old Kentucky teen won a seat on a county board, becoming the youngest officer in the state. You would have thought there was a qualified candidate at least old enough to shave.

Five states voted to legalize marijuana use in some form.  It is one thing to approve its use as treatment for terminally ill patients but quite another to approve its use recreationally as South Dakota did.

Two Republicans who embrace the QAnon conspiracy theory were elected to house seats in Georgia and Colorado.

The QAnon theory includes the accusation that America is run by a cabal of pedophiles and Satan-worshippers and that President Trump is the only person who can stop them.  They also believe that John F Kennedy faked his death and is now posting on their website.

A man who died from COVID-19 on Oct 5 won a seat in the North Dakota state house.  The goal was to allow the GOP to keep control and be able to choose his replacement. The bad news is people knew he was dead when they voted for him.

Right here in Alabama we elected a former Auburn football coach just because he professed his loyalty to President Trump.  He had no qualifications for the job but got voted in because he had an R by his name. Just for good measure, Alabama Lt. Governor, Will Ainsworth claimed, without providing evidence, that Democrats paid $6 for every vote cast for Doug Jones. There will be 905,000 people wanting to know how to collect that.

The rest of the world is not impressed with our election problems either.

The Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe criticized Trump saying he had risked harming “public trust in democratic institutions” by making baseless allegations.

The chairman of the foreign affairs committee in Russia said, “It is time for America to return to the politics of sanity.”

A writer at the London Times wrote, “It is hard to look at our closest ally without concluding that is a nation in trouble.”

And you know you are in trouble when Facebook and Twitter will not publish you.

Twitter posted they are seeing too many inaccurate claims about the election and plan to flag or delete them.

Facebook said it is demoting content on Facebook and Instagram including debunked claims about voting.  They shut down a pro-Trump ‘Stop the steal’ group because of concerns about calls for violence.

Yes, we do have a unique and sometimes irregular voting process.  But that does not mean it is fraudulent. Our election laws are as old as dirt.  They may need some updating, but they worked well to choose a president up to this point.

Maybe the United States is not a good example of election management, but it is still a democracy.

The business of conducting elections is still safe in the capable hands of local public election officials and dedicated poll workers serving their communities.

If voting laws need to be changed, then we need to do them before the election, not after.  Throwing around baseless accusations with no regard for facts only discourages voters from exercising their rights and is an act of intimidation.

The will of the people, not politicians throwing tantrums, should be the only reason for change.

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