Since I am considered a senior citizen, I guess it does not matter if I sound like an old person.

On Saturday mornings, when we were growing up, our time was spent watching a little bit of television. After we had completed our morning chores, of course.

Even though it was on an old black and white television, we did not know any difference. Mainly because all our friends had the same kind as us.

Not surprisingly, there was only one in the house. One television for four kids and two adults. The idea that everyone needed their own certainly never occurred to my spend thrift Daddy.

Kids now days would never survive such abuse.

We all watched together whether we liked the show or not. Mama would not put up with much whining about anything and certainly not about what was on the television.

Saturday morning television was a treat. It usually involved westerns that featured either Roy Rogers or Gene Autry. We all had a favorite and were disappointed when ours did not come on.

Those were two real cowboys, and it was just good clean fun to watch. The shows were wholesome and never included any profanity, nudity or gruesome fight scenes. We also watched the foolishness of the Three Stooges and lots of football.

Of course, those shows were produced long before the television rating system we have today.

I cannot recall a single time while we were watching those shows that I wondered whether the leading character was straight, gay, bi-sexual or a blueberry. It just wasn’t relevant.

That was then.

Today we have some unscrupulous people producing entertainment for our kids. For some reason, certain entertainment executives have made the decision to sexualize everything.

The character of Superman has been around in movies, television and comic books for more than 80 years. He has saved the world more times than any other superhero.

I was never much of a superhero kind of girl but have occasionally enjoyed watching old Superman or Batman shows just for kicks. For as long as I can recall, Superman, AKA Clark Kent was smitten by Lois Lane. She was his love interest since the beginning of his crimefighting days.

It was always a normal infatuation as far as the rest of us were concerned. That was, until Superman’s creators decided to turn the comic book world on its head.

This year, their new character is Jon Kent. According to writers, he is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Instead of portraying Jon Kent in the same image as his famous father, writers have decided that Jon is bi-sexual.

His love interest is a male news reporter with bubble-gum pink hair.

According to the comic book writers, Jon Kent is mentally and physically burned out from trying to save the world and turns to his male friend for comfort.

Fictional kids do not have the same stamina as their parents, I guess. But that is a big leap, even for the man of steel’s son!

Series writer, Tom Taylor said the evolution of the Superman character is in keeping with the values the original character always represented. Symbols of hope, truth and justice to name a few.

Okay, but can’t he do all that and not talk about his sexuality?

Claiming that the change to the character is “progress”, Taylor said the new development is significant.

But that still does not explain why we must go down this road.

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 5.6 percent of the population identify as LGBTQ. So that leaves those of us in the 94.4 percent shaking our heads about why alternative lifestyles are continuously being pushed in our face. Because we do not like it.

One English professor at Mills College claimed children are questioning why every character is portrayed as straight.

And I say they are not wondering at all. They read these magazines for entertainment, and it is ridiculous to suggest otherwise.  Comic books are not the place to introduce alternative lifestyles.

Children need to enjoy child-like things for as long as possible. The world around them is changing too quickly as it is.  All this talk about sexuality is taking away their innocence. Life will take care of that on its own.

Let’s get real. This is not about changing times or culture, but about monetary gain.

Children at not mini adults. The time of “being little” is critical to healthy childhood development.

They should be not burdened with lifestyle concepts of adults. Their brains should be allowed to develop in an uncomplicated environment free of sexual orientation discussion.

Parents have a choice when they purchase reading materials for their children and this one should stay on the shelf.

Anita McGill is a former publisher of The Sentinel. She can be reached by email at

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