Monday tried my nerves. It all started with Finley the puppy, with whom my patience wanes quickly.  He has totally thrown off my morning schedule. Instead of doing my morning work uninterrupted,  I am now stopped mid-chore by his whining, which I take seriously because I am trying hard to train him. Several times he has told me he was finished with his business only to come inside and leave me an unwanted present. I try to take all whines as him telling me he needs to go out.

Most of the time he is good and either puts a paw on my foot or goes the the porch when he is finished using the bathroom. But sometimes he decides to take a run down the road or outside of the yard. I’ve had to run down the road chasing him, which I find embarrassing. Yesterday he decided to cross the muddy ditch and go into the neighbor’s cow pasture. I told him to just stay on out there and get run over by a car if he wanted to, but then I went inside and got him a puppy treat and he came running to it.

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