I’ll never forget when Michael came home from work earlier this year with what we call the coronavirus. I, who was well into a year-long panic over the virus, immediately rushed to the doctor’s office for my own swab. It was negative, but the physician I saw that day said he would call me in a prescription anyway.

“Ivermectin,” he told me.

My mind raced back through the years. As my memories reeled, I saw my daddy sitting on the front porch with a little bottle of liquid in one hand and a syringe in the other. I saw him pulling the old bird dogs or coon dogs or yard dogs up, pinching their skin and giving them a shot. I’d seen the bottle though and remembered a picture of a bull’s head on its label.

“You mean, like cow wormer?” I asked in a confused state.

Though a PCR test would later confirm that I was actually positive for the virus, I never filled the prescription. Maybe I could have used a good worming, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. (Mama says pumpkin seeds will do the trick of worming anyway.)

In spite of the seriousness of it all, I can’t help but find it downright amusing that people are going to farm supply stores and stocking up on cow wormer for themselves. I can only assume it will soon be in short supply, and then I don’t know what in the devil we’ll do for the horses and cows and their parasites.

Now, I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but I do know that ivermectin, especially the kind you doctor animals with, is not approved for treating or preventing COVID-19.

I hate to beat a dead horse, even if it is one that died of worms, but here I go.

COVID-19 is serious, and I don’t think that numerous doctors who are treating patients in the ICU would be begging people to wear a mask and get vaccinated if it weren’t something to have a healthy fear of and something to take seriously.

Three physicians recently spoke at a school board meeting urging members to approve a face mask mandate in schools. While some are saying there is no data supporting mask mandates in school, Dr. Mandi Bell explained why you can’t ethically do a good scientific study on whether masking in schools works or not. Basically, you can’t use children in experiments that could make them sick.

Anyway I’ve been thinking about the fact that my kids will enter public school in the coming years, and maybe this whole “my child, my business” movement is a good thing.  Maybe they will have taken up cigarette smoking by then, and if they have I tell you what I’m sending them with a pack a day. No politician is going to tell my babies they can’t smoke when they want to and if there are other kids at school that don’t want to be inhaling all that smoke, well I’m sorry but their parents can just homeschool them. And of course we will roll up in the school yard with them both riding shotgun because seatbelts and car seats are much too restrictive. Shoot, I might even let one of them sit in my lap and drive the whole way. And if they wake up one morning and say “Mama, I just don’t really feel like wearing clothes today,” I’ll say to them “That’s okay baby you just go on in your underwear, it’s hot today anyway.”

I guess all of that sounds irrational. I’ve searched and searched the rational part of my brain and I can’t find any part of it that would be bothered by a school asking my kid to mask up in the middle of a pandemic, especially in a state that now has an ICU bed deficit.

Lastly, I just read an article encouraging people to get an oximeter and monitor your oxygen level if you contract COVID. Don’t let your oxygen fall below 90 percent before seeking medical attention.

Danielle Wallingsford Kirkland is a former Sentinel staff writer and correspondent. She can be reached at danielle.w.kirkland@gmail.com.

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