Most people view voting as a big deal.  They come out to the polls to cast their vote because they believe it is the only time their voice will be heard.  They don’t protest or write letters to make their point, they just do what they believe is the right thing.

Next year is a presidential election year and by all accounts, it is shaping up to be a very notable event.

Currently there are ten serious Democrat contenders seeking the office of President of the United States.  By the time general elections come around, the field will be narrowed to one.

Since the current administration is part of the Republican Party, they will strife to make sure they hold onto the office.

Traditionally primaries and caucuses are held to determine who the candidate for each party will be and give voters a chance to let their voices count.

Next year voters in four states will not get that opportunity.

The GOP parties in Kansas, South Carolina, Nevada and Arizona announced they are bypassing the nominating process in 2020.  They went on to say Donald Trump will be their choice and there is no reason to hold the primaries.  The deadline for delegate selection rules is in October so more states may join this group.

The biggest problem with the announcement is Trump has three Republican challengers who believe they should be allowed to be on the ballot.  They are Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh and Bill Weld.

They are crying foul over the actions of these state parties.

Members of the Republican National Committee insist they have applied no pressure on state parties and stressed that this was a choice made in every state.

Critics say it shows how Trump loyalists have taken over parties in these states.

Trump, being Trump, has labeled the three challengers, the “three stooges.”

Historically, presidential nominees are not picked democratically.  National parties pick the nominees and can use whatever rules they want to make up.

After the announcements stirred up the challengers and some voters, the state parties reminded everyone that this isn’t the first time this happened.  It was done in 2004 for George Bush.  That year, ten state primaries were cancelled.

But the big difference then is that Bush had no Republican challengers. Trump does. 

Chances are slim to none that these candidates have a snowball’s shot at the nomination but denying voters the opportunity to even cast a vote is not democratic or fair.

It could also alienate members of the Republican Party.  Voters could see this as a manipulation of the process that deprives them of their right to be part of the decision.

It’s also a bad look for Republicans.  Competition within parties is a good thing.

Some of the president’s critics say Trump is trying to make the Republican Party his own personal club.

Trump says he supports the states’ decision saying it will save money and that it has been done before.

One challenger called out the president saying Trump is afraid of a “serious primary challenger.”

Some Republican voters in South Carolina have written letters to the local newspaper.

One voter says he is outraged and called the cancellation an “act of oppression.”  Another claims GOP voters have been “robbed by unscrupulous billionaires.”  One man says voters have a right to “use our constitutional right to vote for the candidate of our choice.”

It is difficult to believe that anyone would be surprised by these decisions based on the behavior of this president for the last three years.

 Trump’s claims loyalty is his favorite human quality.  Trump once said, “I value loyalty above everything else-more than drive, more than energy.”  A friend of Trump said she believes he sees loyalty as a sort of allegiance.  But that it is not allegiance to the flag or the country, just allegiance to him.

We also know that those who aren’t loyal don’t last long.  If there is any doubt, just ask Jeff Sessions, Michael Cohen, Anthony Scaramucci or Omarosa Manigault Newman.

But none of that will matter in primary season.

While answering a question about the ongoing trade war with China, Trump looked up to the heavens and announced, “I am the chosen one.”  He said he was being sarcastic.

Some Republican voters aren’t laughing.

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