The Jackson County Sentinel is excited to announce the release of a monthly events calendar that will publish each third Thursday of the month, featuring county-wide events with a variety of interests.

The first calendar was released this past Thursday. The calendar is the result of a partnership between the Jackson County Sentinel and the city of Scottsboro’s Main Street program.

I’m thrilled to be able to work with Meg Nippers, events and marketing coordinator for the city of Scottsboro to produce the calendar. Prior to rejoining the Sentinel, I have been working toward producing a similar publication that encompasses the entire county.

One challenge we face is the lack of coordination in collecting the information, such as events, dates, locations, contact information, etc. We are hoping that by providing a way for readers and event organizers to submit their event to the Sentinel, we will be able to have a more comprehensive list of everything taking place in Jackson County.

I often hear complaints from people throughout the community that they didn’t know a certain event was taking place or they may have been able to attend. We will make our best effort at gathering the information and publishing the details so our readers can rely on finding this information every month in the Jackson County Sentinel.

We would like to be able to produce a complete list of every activity, event and festival, however, we simply do not have the room in the newly designed events calendar. Larger events will be featured in the calendar, however, the majority of events submitted to us will be published in one of the three calendars the Sentinel publishes each week.

Our readers are able to find a community, school and church calendar each week in the Sentinel. The information is available throughout the paper three days a week and online. The monthly events calendar will be an extension of our weekly calendar publications.

In the August edition, we featured the upcoming Back to School 5k, as well as an update on the Main Street mural project. Next month we will feature Art Sunday and other events taking place in September. In addition, the calendar will also provide a look ahead at the events taking place in Jackson County over the next several months.

I encourage you to visit Scottsboro City Hall or the Sentinel to pick up your copy of the calendar. In talking with a co-worker, I was told the calendar was perfect for a refrigerator. I couldn’t agree more! It is the perfect size and perfect weight for placing on a refrigerator or pinning to a bulletin board. You may also add your own events or special reminders to the calendar each month.

Please let us know what you think about the events calendar. We always welcome your input and suggestions. I also welcome you to submit events to us by visiting the website at Once on the website, select the “Calendar” menu and then “Submit and Event.” We will review the event, publish it in the appropriate calendar and consider featuring it in the monthly events calendar.

The best way to stay in touch with the happenings in Jackson County is to subscribe to the Jackson County Sentinel. We have three, six or 12-month subscriptions available for home delivery three days a week. The Sentinel is the most comprehensive source for information in Jackson County!

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