I can’t think of a single decent story to tell this week. So I guess I’ll just catch you up on what’s going on at our house here lately.

For Mother’s Day I got the best presents. I got a garden spot here this year. I’d been pretty down in the dumps about it thinking I wasn’t going to be able to have one. I had that huge garden at my parent’s house last year, but not having your garden at your own house makes it hard to keep up.

It’s not a very big spot though, so my dad agreed to let me plant my Indian corn at his house.

I realize it is pretty late in the year, but seeing as we still have months of summer left I’m not worried.

Oh! I forgot the best part. Michael bought a part for a tractor and threw away his receipt. Well it ended up being the wrong part, but they wouldn’t give him his money back so he had to exchange it for something. He wasn’t happy about it, but that’s the story of how I got my very own garden tiller so I was fairly pleased.

I just got around to planting some things yesterday, and with any luck in a few months there’ll  be enough squash and okra to feed an army.

The garden tiller isn’t the only new addition around here.

We finally got a new cat a few weeks ago.

Finally after searching for several months, I saw a cage full of fuzzy kittens out at the Taco Bet. There was this one orange one that was just gorgeous. It was the fluffiest thing I have ever seen in my life and I was tempted to take it home with me. But then there was this little black and white thing that was swatting and clawing and playing. I decided it was the one for us.

Michael named him Weasel because he said he has beady eyes. He is a funny little cat who loves to play. He isn’t quite at the stage where he’ll keep my feet warm while I watch TV in the morning, but I expect he will get there. I still miss Clivey, but we are pretty pleased with little Weasel. To be honest, even if Clivey was still around I don’t think I would have been able to pass him up.

I just thought of something else I got on Mother’s Day. I had the luxury of lying around reading all day, which I never get to do. I wouldn’t have done it, except I found a Fannie Flagg book at Goodwill that I hadn’t read yet. Fannie Flagg, author of Fried Green Tomatoes, is just the best in my opinion and when I get ahold of one of her books it’s hard to get me to do anything else. This book, Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, was hilarious. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

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