Another year over. Another decade over. It just doesn’t seem right that time should move so quickly, yet it does so every year.

It’s been years since I stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve, but this year Michael and I brought in the year by dressing up in fancy clothes and going out on the town. Just kidding. We did stay up until midnight watching episodes our new favorite Netflix show, Longmire, which is what we consider a good time.

The last decade started off rocky, but here is how the entire thing went down.

2010 was not my year for many reasons. I did earn my Master’s degree, which didn’t make me feel as good about myself as I thought it would and even now I sometimes look at it as just an unnecessary debt that I may never get paid off.

In 2011 I opened up a photography studio, just to be able to say I was doing something with my life really. I honestly did try, but it didn’t take long to realize that on top of a better personality, I really needed more business and photography skills and I just didn’t have it in me to develop any of that. Just when it seemed like things would never turn around for me, Mazie Aldrich gave me my first newspaper job. I didn’t know I could be so happy, and I’m forever grateful to her for helping me discover what a passion I have for small town news.

In 2012, just when I was starting to accept the fact that I’d probably live with my parents forever and die an old maid, I started dating Michael. In 2013 we got married, but it wasn’t until 2014, after Michael going to Afghanistan and Ranger School, that I moved to Phenix City. It was the furthest I’d been away from home and it was hard. That was the year I started obsessing over tomato plants.

In 2015 I got another newspaper job, with the Bayonet and Saber at Fort Benning. I was able to have a lot of great experiences writing about soldiers, veterans and Rosie the Riveter. That same year we found out we were expecting the boy and I moved home early to take a job with the Sentinel. I picked back up attending city council and county commission meetings and it almost felt like I’d never left.

In 2016 Michael moved home and the boy was born. It was about this time I learned that even more than writing for a newspaper, I loved being a mom and I’d have to give up working for a few years so I could focus on my newfound role.

In 2017 I tried operating my one acre farm and basically failed, though I blame it on the abnormal amount of summer rainfall. I don’t regret it and I can’t promise I won’t try again someday.

All I remember about 2018 was that I was sick and tired for most of it.  Then came 2019. I was living my best life, heating up the roads with trips to thrift stores and really enjoying life. The year flew right on by and before it was over we had welcomed little sister to the family.

I’ve started 2020 off tired, but happy and content. I hope that over the next few months that tired feeling will wear off, but the happiness will continue. I hope the next decade brings me calm, good things to you, peace to the world and healing to the environment. Cheers!

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