My mother passed away on Christmas Day in 2009. Of course, that always makes Christmas a bit hard. Yet, I can always smile just a little bit, knowing it only seems fitting the absolute best person I have ever known passed away on the most special day of the year.

She died three months before Luke was born. She did know Luke, though, and knew he was coming.  The mother’s passing and the birth of your first child three months a part can be hard.

It was a stressful time.

My mom was as good as gold. She was not perfect and would be the first to tell you so. She also didn’t have perfect kids, always saying she was the only one whose boys weren’t perfect.

She grew up tough and made sure her boys were. She worked and worked. I can remember, as a youngster, the excitement when it would snow knowing my mom didn’t have to go to work that night.

Years later, I can now understand that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

I miss her. Those who said it never really goes away were right. I think of her each day. I wish Luke could have met her.

Christmas is a special time, a time hopefully of warmth and kindness. It’s time to also remember those who we have lost. Mostly, though, remember the good times.

Merry Christmas.

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