It seems that COVID-19 is easing up on us again. I’m thankful for that. We were exposed and have been in quarantine for the past ten days. Thankful again, because none of us seem to have contracted it.

We had to miss trick or treating, but since we typically only go to a few people’s houses anyways and almost half of those are grandparents, we merely postponed our trick or treating and will still dress up one day this week and visit a few houses and carve pumpkins and watch that Charlie Brown movie and do all of the halloween things.

Halloween was still a fun day for us despite the fact that we were not out and about collecting great portions of sweet confections.

I woke up and decided we would take a second stab at building a nice stick house. The boy and I cranked up the little chainsaw and went around cutting down straight and little trees. It wasn’t long before the chill of the morning air wore off and I had to shed my warm layers.

It also wasn’t long before I had mistaken an old rusty wire for a brown vine. My poor little chainsaw. I think Michael was able to fix it later that day, but for the remainder of the day I had to resort to my handsaw. Truth be told, it’s just as easy to cut down those little trees with a good hand saw and I like the soreness I feel in my arms now from all that work.

We worked and worked on our stick house and then I got the idea to brace it with a  board we had lying around in our play area. It wasn’t long before I got the idea to go to the barn and see what manner of old wood was lying around that we could use. And then wasn’t long from that that I decided I’d just build a regular playhouse.

I measured and sawed, measured and sawed. I struggled with the drill, sometimes forgetting that I had turned it on reverse and so I yelled for Michael to come because “this stupid thing ain’t working. I need a new drill bit!”

But when he came and looked, he told me I was doing it wrong and that we would look at it later.

I’m determined to have that thing started by this week, but all was not lost.

The boy and I took the sticks and branches and made a lean to against the fence gate. He got to use the branch clippers and was happy as a clam.

That night we ordered a jack o’ lantern shaped pizza and tried to watch a bit of Hocus Pocus. Then we briefly sat by a fire outside and roasted large marshmallows. Before bed, we were visited by a little kitten that looks just like the yard cat that I still do not claim, Scooter.

The boy said, “Can you believe we have seven cats now?”

“No, I cannot,” I thought.

We don’t need any more cats, but it’s still fun for the entire family when we have one show up.

There may not have been any real treats that day, but it was still a sweet day.

Danielle Wallingsford Kirkland is a former Sentinel staff writer and correspondent. She can be reached at

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