I cannot wait for 2020 to just hurry up and leave us behind.

One of the most difficult adjustments some of us had to make during the lockdown days was the inability to visit our hair and nail salons.  Thankfully, I can paint my own nails, but I have never attempted to give myself a haircut.

First off, I cannot even draw a straight line with a ruler, so I know better than to pick up a pair of scissors and start cutting.  I watched several you tube videos where people tried, and it was not pretty.

Because most hair salons were deemed non-essential businesses, they were forced to close for several months during the national lockdown.  The physical contact required to get a haircut could have resulted in more cases of the coronavirus and we would not have wanted that.

While we average Americans had to live with our COVID hair, a certain high -profile politician believed she deserved special treatment.

Last week, footage obtained by Fox News showed House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, inside a San Francisco hair salon getting her hair done without wearing a mask.

Now while the girl certainly needs to look her best for all those press conferences and news shows she does, it appears she might have broken some rules.

California’s governor had shut down indoor salon services again in July, but then allowed them to resume services if they could safely offer them outdoors.

After her visit made national news, Pelosi claimed she was ‘set up’.  She said when she called to make an appointment, she was told the salon was open but only taking one customer at a time.

The owner of the salon appeared on Fox News to refute Pelosi’s claims and said Pelosi just sought special treatment and was shocked she was not wearing a mask.  She claims she received death threats after the video aired and was probably going to be forced to close her salon.

However, the stylist shown in the video accompanying Pelosi through the salon reportedly stated through his attorney that the salon had been operating illegally while the restrictions were in place.  He said when Pelosi called to make the appointment, the owner was there and extremely interested in the details.

Clearly the salon was open, and the fact is salons were under a mandate to stay closed for customers inside the building.  The responsibility for the violation of such action remains with the salon owner. 

Ignorance of the law is not a defense.  This salon should receive a visit from the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  But we will see.

Pelosi has continually berated Trump for failing to wear a mask and holding rallies with unmasked supporters.  In July, Pelosi issued a mandate to members of Congress requiring masks be worn in the chamber.  She said she expected everyone to do this as “a sign of respect for the health, safety and well-being of others.”

Nancy Pelosi lives in California, so there is no way she did not know the guidelines and mandate in place.  She could have hired someone to come to her house and do her hair, but she chose to go to the salon.  Even if she was targeted, it was the result of her bad judgement.

And before we start to feel too sorry for the salon owner, she is going to profit from her video, big time.  A go fund me account set up for her by a former state GOP chairman has raised more than $272,000 of its $300,000 goal.  Not a shabby return for a ‘blow-out’.

Most hairdressers are great people.  They put up with a lot from the public. The majority followed state guidelines and were forced to close until case numbers went down in their states. They were not eligible for the federal Payroll Protection Program.

When they could re-open, it came with a price.  At great expense, these businesses put in all the safeguards required by the state. Some owners used their entire life’s savings to establish their businesses originally, only to see them wiped out during the lockdown.  That is a real tragedy.

The only setup here is these two pretending to be victims.

Hypocrisy from an elected official is becoming standard behavior. Shaming people for not wearing a mask while going without one is right up there with proclaiming yourself a law and order candidate while daring voters to commit an illegal act.  No distinction. We have reached the bottom of the barrel.

Marilyn Monroe once said, “if you are gonna be two faced, at least make one of them pretty.”

It is good to know at least one of Nancy’s faces will be camera ready the next time she forgets her mask.

Anita McGill is a former publisher of The Sentinel. She can be reached by email at anitamcgill99@gmail.com.

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