Luke Patterson turned 8 this week, on Thursday, March 29. He celebrated Thursday evening with a trip to the Guntersville Lodge, where he stockpiled on fried catfish, his favorite food.

Today, there is another party, where he and his little friends will splash around in a pool.

I first wrote about this kid, months before he was even born, in the summer of 2009. He graced us with his presence on March 29, 2010. And life hasn’t been the same since.

Luke is his mom’s pride and joy, his paw paw’s best friend and his maw maw’s confidante. And he tolerates me, mostly. I play the bad guy role. But it’s a role he is coming around to, like pick up your clothes, put away the toys, put the remote controls in the basket and clean up your mess.

It is amazing, the growth of a boy. He can get a pair of pants, wear them once and, a week later, the pants are too tight.

He plays soccer, basketball and baseball. And he’s into scouts, which I know nothing about. For some weird reason, he finds sleeping outside, what they call “camping,” fun.

He is a reader, getting better by the day.

Mostly, he’s into video games, and doesn’t know life that consisted of cartoons just on Saturdays. He would have a cell phone if allowed, and doesn’t understand why he can’t.

He’s a good boy, though, thanks to his mom. He has a good, kind heart, which makes us proud.

Yes, it seems like only yesterday I was writing about his arrival. Today, he’s just about done with second-grade, ready to move up a grade.

He’s playing catcher on the baseball team, and getting better by the day with the bat. We can’t wait for soccer in the fall.  And somewhere in between, he will likely have me in a tent, staring at the sky, wondering why?

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