Mr. Webster defines a contradiction as a situation in which actions or propositions are inconsistent or contrary to a stated or implied position on a subject.

Another relevant word that would accurately describe such action is hypocrisy.

The current administration is full of both.

Great Britain’s ambassador to the United States recently resigned after a series of leaked diplomatic cables revealed he told 10 Downing Street that the Trump administration was “inept” and “clumsy.”

After the information was released, President Trump said the White House would no longer deal with the British ambassador.  Trump went on to call the ambassador “a very stupid guy” and “a pompous fool.”

This incident puts the administration’s hypocrisy on display because Trump himself never shies away from calling out leaders of other governments.  Just last year Trump called Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, “very dishonest and weak.”  He also reportedly threw candy at the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, telling her, “Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

And yet, after his repugnant actions toward these world leaders, they have to continually deal with him.

The United States women’s soccer team recently won the Women’s World Cup final after defeating the Netherlands.

As the country celebrated the great win, Trump waited two hours after the game to congratulate the team.  This was probably due to his twitter feud with Megan Rapinoe, a member of the soccer team.  Rapinoe had reportedly said she would not accept an invitation to the White House if they won.  Trump responded to her in a tweet saying the team should win before commenting about a visit.

Well, the team won and when asked about inviting the team to the White House, Trump responded by saying he was still unsure if he wanted to invite the team to visit.

Trump invited disgraced golfer, Tiger Woods to the White House after he won the Masters Golf tournament and even gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  On Monday, one day after the women’s win, Trump dined with New England Patriot’s owner, Robert Kraft, who was arrested earlier this year and charged with prostitution solicitation in Florida.

When Trump was running for president, he constantly criticized Hilary Clinton’s use of her private email server for government use.  Yet during a visit with the Japanese Prime Minister at his Mar-a-Lago club, Trump reportedly discussed national security issues while eating dinner with other club members around.

Once when asked why Trump’s press secretary presented inaccurate information, his lawyer, Kellyanne Conway said they had presented, “alternative facts.”  But when anything negative is written about him, it is slammed as “fake news.”

Prior to being elected Trump repeatedly claimed the Electoral College was a “total sham” and “a travesty”.  After his election he tweeted that “the Electoral College is actually genius.”

Trump constantly criticized Barack Obama for playing golf, once tweeting, “can you believe with all the problems facing the United States, President Obama spent the day playing golf?”  A recent report from Huff Post shows the United States taxpayers have spent $102 million to date on Trump’s presidential golfing.  That is three times more than the cost of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller’s investigation.

At the G-20 summit Trump joked with Russian President Vladimir Putin about their interference in the 2016 election and expressed envy that Putin “did not have to deal with fake news.”  Trump’s own FBI has formed a Foreign Influence Task Force to combat the problem.  In May, after a statement from Robert Mueller concerning his report Trump tweeted, “and now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected.”

In his July 4th speech and self-serving parade, Trump encouraged “young Americans across our country to join our military and make a truly great statement in life.”  Meanwhile Trump reportedly avoided serving during Vietnam after his father called in a favor with a doctor.  The physician reportedly wrote a note saying the younger Trump had bone spurs on his feet, which made him ineligible for the draft.

Trump has ordered ICE to begin raids to round up immigrants in this country.  Records show that from 2014-2018, Trump’s properties applied for permission to bring in more than 375 low-wage workers from abroad on short-term visas.  All of the requests were approved by the Department of Labor.

When asked by a reporter about the wage disparity between men and women soccer players, Trump implied maybe it should be about popularity of the teams.

Mr. Trump is being paid the same as previous presidents regardless of claims of his “ineptness” so he should maybe re-think that conclusion.   But he won’t.

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