Hello again readers. It’s been a while, huh?

We had a wonderful early summer. I haven’t cared for the heat of its tail end, and I’m glad it’s finally cooling off out there.

The boy and I spent most of the early summer mornings under the shade of our hulk of a cottonwood tree. I, admiring my best garden to date, and he digging in dirt and working just as hard as he could. Occasionally, we’d enjoy a popsicle or two.

As for my garden, yes it was the best I’ve ever had even though I don’t think we ate a single thing out of it. When the hornworms moved in, I couldn’t keep up with them. I decided at that time that my tomato plants were no longer bringing me joy, and I pulled them right on up. I planted pumpkins in their places, but they barely ever sprouted and were burned up by the drought. Next year I’m having a garden of sunflowers and old maids, because that is what I enjoyed watching grow this year.

We have had quite a bit of rotten luck lately with our house. After three years of renovating we thought we were almost done, and the prospect of not living in chaos and actually having a house that I could completely clean, decorate and organize made me come out of every depression I ever thought I had in life. That lasted about two weeks and then we discovered the moisture problem under the house and all the fun it was having with the majority of our floors. Now it almost feels as if we are back at square one.

That has been aggravating enough, but for the last few weeks it seems like every pipe in our house has decided to spring a leak. One day the toilet just outright exploded. Water was shooting every where and it was coming out as fast as a fire hydrant. I tried my best to turn it off using that little knob at the bottom of the hose, but the water was splurging out full force hitting me right in the face and the knob must have been rusted because I couldn’t get it to budge. I called Michael in a panic and I called my brother in a panic and I was outside causing  a scene of panic trying to figure out how to get the water turned off. But it just kept right on coming and the house began to flood. The boy was having the time of his life as he splished and splashed and laughed and giggled in the deluge. I found an old five gallon bucket and tried to catch the water in that, but it was truly a fruitless effort. After what felt like forever, I finally got the water turned off and my brother came and vacuumed up the flood and Michael came home from work and it started to feel a little like that time I thought the house was burning down but I actually had just turned a stove eye on accidentally and it was burning a towel.

I hope we get everything straightened out here pretty soon, because baby Kirkland number two is due in December. We think a girl, although it didn’t seem to me like the doctor was a hundred percent positive.

If it turns out to be a boy, I hope he likes pink.

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