Soccer is coming to Scottsboro High School. That’s a good thing, though admittedly I never would have thought I would be saying those words.

Soccer started for us when Luke was 4. He was too young for football, basketball or baseball, so why not, I thought?

Soon enough, I found myself sitting around a table at the Rec*Com, selecting a team.

Since then, four years ago, basketball and baseball has been added to Luke’s repertoire. It’s soccer, though, where we’ve had the most fun.

That first year, Spencer McCrary and I had a group of 4 and 5-year-olds. Honestly, I don’t think either one of us knew much about soccer, other than kick it in the goal.

We started keeping score the next year. We finished 12-2 and lost in the championship game, in sudden death overtime.

Last year, we moved up an age group (6-7). We finished 8-4 as Spencer’s team won the championship. Thankfully, Matthew Dupree knew a lot more about the game.

It’s exciting that the high school is bringing in soccer. Not every kid can play football, baseball or basketball. This will give kids another option, which is always a good thing.

Soccer, like any team sport, teaches responsibility, accountability and teamwork. It teaches kids how to trust each other.

It will take time, like anything but I believe the new sport will take off. The city of Scottsboro has a great facility and a large group of young kids interested.

And now, there is opportunity, unlike before when a kid reached a certain age and knew it was over.

It should be exciting.

However, until then, a bunch of 6 and 7-year-olds have a season ahead and a championship to win. 

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