Shoo fruit fly, shoo! That’s what I’ve been singing, screaming, shrieking and squawking for the past few days. I don’t know where these little fruit flies came from, but they have certainly made themselves comfortable in our home.

So, I’ve been trying to find a way to make it clear to these miniature demons that they are unwelcome guests.

I started by making sure all of the food was put away in the fridge or sealed up in ziplock bags. I kept all of the garbage outside and I, for the most part, kept my dishes clean and the sink drains rinsed with bleach.

They didn’t take the hint though.

I thought I had rid of a lot of them because everything in the kitchen was clean, but then someone put an empty yogurt container on the counter and they flocked to it by what felt like the billions.

I decided to do a little research because it got to the point where it was either them or me and I’d hate to have to move on account of a fly. As it turns out, fruit flies do not require food really, but any moist surface will do and they lay up to 500 eggs at a time and those can hatch within hours.

I’d nearly decided this was a losing battle and maybe I would just have to wait until they perhaps go extinct on their own or something.

That could probably take years though and to be honest, those tiny flying specks were making me lose my mind.

I had tried a trick a friend told me about a few months ago. What you are supposed to do is mix apple cider vinegar, dish soap and some rotting fruit in a cup and put it in the microwave and then make some sort of cone to put in the cup so they can get in but can’t get out. I tried this, without the microwaving because I don’t have one and don’t want one, and it caught a few but didn’t really make a dent. Yesterday I found that you can just put apple cider vinegar in a cup or jar and cover it with saran wrap and poke holes in that.

I set two traps like that and left them out over night and they have caught quite a few and this morning I don’t see near as many flying around. I would suggest using a cup that you can throw away. I used two juice glasses that I really liked, but I don’t think I can ever stomach drinking out of them again after seeing those dead flies floating around in them.

Surely these ACV traps can lick the fruit flies. If they don’t I just don’t know what we are going to do short of never bringing food in the house again!

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