It was cold yesterday, and I like the cold. I’ve always loved to walk around in the woods when it’s cold. I guess that’s because I feel comfortable knowing that a snake isn’t going to get me.

So I ventured out on our property again yesterday, and though I didn’t get any further than I did when I tried before and I don’t really know what’s ours and what’s somebody else, I quite enjoyed myself.

I am inside most of the time, and I think that’s not good for a person’s soul at all.

Though it was cold yesterday, I stayed pretty warm shielded by the multitude of trees and briars that I trekked through.

I kicked my heels up in the water like a kid.

I had hoped my English Setter, Bubba, would accompany me since he has newly moved here from Limrock, but he didn’t. Ling Ling, another English Setter, took every step I did though. It’s always nice to have a good dog by your side.

As I have said before, the land back behind our house is flooded and I didn’t know how far out my Muck boots would hold up. So I just stood there at the edge and daydreamed a bit as an old buzzard flew a few circles in the blue, blue sky. I watched him, and that was soothing.

Houses and people were not far away, but for a moment I pretended that I was all alone a million miles from everything in the world.

My father-in-law mentioned once that there were wild hogs nearby. For a while I sat and thought about that wild hog scene in Old Yeller. Since I didn’t see any tree I’d be able to climb up, and probably couldn’t run too fast in the growed up woods, I decided to mosey on back home.

On my way I heard something in the water. When I looked down there was a little frog twirling around in the water. I think he had a broken arm or something, anyway he was lopsided. I suppose I interrupted his hibernation. I got him out of the water and sat him in the dry so he could maybe get his wits about him. I don’t know what I should have done in that situation, but I felt sorry for the poor thing.

Even though my time outside only amounted to about 20 minutes, it was still very refreshing. I decided to try reading Walden again, a book I feel like I should have read a long time ago. I know I’ll need to break out my highlighter.

Soak in the cold weather friends. The ticks and fleas and snakes and spiders will be crawling again before long.

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