Last week I shared some interesting stories about positive things occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To complete my second goal, I searched for ways people are spending their time.

With lots of time on their hands, people have naturally turned to their devices. With apps like Hulu, Acorn and Netflix, binge watching has become very accessible.

It appears Netflix has a hit on their hands. The number one binged show for the past month has been a series call ‘The Tiger King.’

When I first started hearing the phrase, I assumed it was some reference to Tiger Woods and I did not want any of that. Because the subject kept popping up, I googled it to read what all the fuss was about.

Turns out, it was a different tiger.

Tiger King is a Netflix original series that follows the life and shenanigans of Joe Exotic. Joe kept more than 200 big cats in a private zoo in Oklahoma.

This series has it all. Conspiracy, romance, big cats, politics, country music and animal print underwear. It is so full of unlikeable characters, you get hooked watching to see what they will say and do next.

Joe announced his decision to run for president in 2016, then changed his mind. He ran for governor of Oklahoma while simultaneously participating in a hate campaign with an animal rights activist named Carol Baskin.

Experts say we are drawn to this kind of drama because they include characters you cannot make up. It was a combination of Dateline and Love After Lockup, making it the perfect distraction for lockdown.

Since hair salons are not considered essential businesses, most of them are closed. I am still trying to understand why a liquor store is essential and hair salons are not, but that is another column.

It would seem there is a “silver lining” to the pandemic. Women of a certain age are being forced to make a critical choice. Cover the gray roots themselves or embrace the age.

It turns out the majority are opting to ‘slay the gray.’ It is so refreshing to learn women are becoming more comfortable with their gray hair and are letting it be known on social media.

There are now #showyourroots and #saynotothebox campaigns now trending. Women are discovering hair color is not a psychological necessity.

I have lived in Texas and will be the first to admit they do some things a little differently than us Alabamians.

While the rest of the country is hoarding toilet paper and peanut butter, some Texans have set their sights on a different kind of hoarding. They have decided to hoard live chicks. Chicks have literally been flying the coop.

As folks started noticing an egg shortage at the local grocery store, they decided to raise their own chickens. It has become such an issue, hatcheries have started limiting the number they sell to customers.

Since it usually takes five or six months before chicks can begin laying eggs, they may be a little off in their timetable. It still brings up that age-old question about which came first or last?

As people are searching for ways to pass the time, more and more are heading to the kitchen. Reports are that people are baking their way to happiness. Family recipes are being posted and baking secrets are being shared.

The downside to all that baking is we might not be able to get out the door when it is finally opened.

Unfortunately, the increase in amateur chefs in the kitchen over the past month has created a situation for fire departments and local EMS workers.

Fire departments from coast to coast are being called to more house fires than usual. The National Fire Protection Agency says it is likely due to the stressful situation of being self-quarantined. They say people are more likely to be distracted and lose focus causing fires and injuries.

Ordering takeout just became a better option for some people.

A recent Facebook post from a local police department in Maryland has residents amused.

Police officials gave residents a ‘final warning’ about putting on pants when they go to the mailbox. They say residents have gotten too relaxed while staying at home.

One resident joking responded to the post by saying it was because their pants do not fit anymore after eating their way through the pandemic. Another responded by saying the CDC recommended wearing masks, but never mentioned pants.

Walmart reports they have experienced an increase in shirt sales, but not pants. I guess that explains it.

The truth is we are all trying to find ways to cope with this unusual situation.

With patience and adherence to guidelines by officials, we will make it to the other side.

Anita McGill is a former publisher of The Sentinel. She can be reached by email at

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