The Jackson County Sentinel has seen growth in subscriptions, both in print and online, over the last several months. We have also seen growth in our website in the form of visitors to

Our editorial and circulation departments have been working hard to provide greater connectivity and access to local new stories, high school sports and other community related information. While we are increasing our presence on social media, we are also increasing our local feature stories and news articles.

Starting later this month we will improve how we deliver the most current news to our readers. Current subscribers and those with online accounts will be able to receive an email three days a week with the top headlines from each publication.

We are excited to be able to offer our readers a glance at the news that can be viewed on any computer or mobile device. Readers will be able to click the headlines in the email and be taken directly to the Sentinel website to read the online story.

If you have a paid subscription to the Sentinel and are logged into your online account, then you will be able to read the complete story. Many of our print subscribers are not aware that they already have an online subscription included with their print subscription!

For those not familiar with viewing the news online, most stories require you to have an online account. It is quick, easy and free to setup. If you are already a print subscriber, simply call the Sentinel office to ask for information on how to login. If you do not currently have a subscription and would like to read the stories posted to the website, you may subscribe either at the Sentinel office or online.

I have started speaking with several people around the community to ask their thoughts on receiving headlines by email. The responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Some have expressed an interest in receiving the headlines so they could have access to time-sensitive news or events. Others liked the idea of being able to see the most current obituary notices each morning.

For those parents who are interested in seeing if their sports stars in the paper are also excited for the opportunity of receiving an email for a quick glance of what is going on in Jackson County at the various schools.

As soon as we start the distribution of emails, we will be sure to let you know. Anyone who is interested in receiving the headlines may visit the Jackson County Sentinel website and register for an online account. Once you have an online account, we will be able to include you with the headlines each week.

After speaking with a business owner in town about the new emailed headlines, I was told, “I like being able to put my hands on the paper. I like to hold the paper and read it away from technology!” That is perfectly fine, our goal isn’t to remove products or services, but add to them and improve them so our readers have every advantage to enjoy the hard work our staff puts into each publication.

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