Most of us are familiar with the stupid saying, “boys will be boys.”

That defense has been used to excuse all kinds of behavior like it is somehow okay if boys do certain things because they are just doing what comes naturally.

Well, I’m calling foul on such rationale, because it is ridiculous and offensive.

Especially, when some men, who never grew up and still think like boys, continue to act like they have a pass to do certain things.

Urban Meyer is currently the head coach of the NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars. He has had a long and productive career in the football world.

From 2005 to 2010, he was head coach for the Florida Gators. During his tenure in Florida, he coached the team to two BSC National Championship victories.

After retiring from football to “spend more time with his family”, in 2011 he signed on to become a college football analyst for ESPN.

After realizing that retirement did not agree with him, Meyer became the head football coach for the Ohio Buckeyes. He went on to lead the team to their first Big Ten Conference title and their eighth national championship.

There is no doubt Urban knows football.

But his life off the field has shown the football world flashes of a man whose character is sorely lacking.

During his time in Florida, Meyer was accused of creating a toxic culture in the locker room. Players reportedly said he played favorites with the team’s star players and even accused him of hiding positive drug test results from officials.

Things got even nastier before he left Ohio State.

In 2018, Urban was placed on administrative leave after reports surfaced that he knew one of his assistant coaches had been accused of spousal abuse and had not reported the information to the University or its board.

After an independent panel reviewed the evidence, they concluded Meyer did not uphold the values of the university. Meyer was suspended for the opening three games that year.

Later that year, Meyer announced he would be retiring due to health reasons.

With all the bad publicity he received, there is no doubt the boy had a king-sized headache.

 Urban would soon feel much better and this year he was hired to become the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But a new year and a new team did not illicit any new behavior from the coach.

In July 2021, Meyer was fined $100,00 by the NFL for violating practice rules during organized team activities.

So far, his team has lost every game even though they drafted Clemson quarterback superstar Trevor Lawrence.

Last week, after his team suffered their latest loss, Meyer chose not to fly home with his team. Instead, he said he stayed in Columbus, Ohio to “visit with his grandchildren.”

A video that lit up Twitter like a Christmas tree showed Meyer sitting in a bar enjoying a lap dance. And there was not a grandchild in sight.

The video clearly showed Urban enjoying attention from a woman who was not Mrs. Meyer. Hours later another video surfaced showing him touching the woman inappropriately.

Meyer began his apology tour and issued a statement saying he had addressed his entire team and apologized for his behavior.

Saying he was “owning a stupid mistake, Meyer felt he owed them an explanation.

His apology to the team came a day after the Jaguar’s owner publicly reprimanded Meyer for his “inexcusable actions”.

Meyer said he is concerned about the impact the incident will have on his ability to lead his team.

What is missing from his whining apology is a public apology to his wife and family and his concern for how it would impact them.

Urban said he has not considered resigning, and the team’s owner said Meyer must regain the team’s trust and respect. He went on to say he is confident Meyer will deliver.

Yeah, well that makes one of you.

But this story has a second part.

The woman in the bar who was providing the lap dance is now in hot water.

The mother of the 24-year-old said she is worried about her daughter’s well-being. Apparently, the woman and her mother have become victims of public backlash because of the incident.

The girl’s mother said she is concerned her daughter will lose her job after her employer announced there is an internal investigation into the incident. According to the company, they are investigating the impact on their company because of the woman’s actions.

So, a married man goes into a bar and has a good time, issues a sort of apology and gets to keep his job. But the young, unmarried woman who participated could lose hers.

There is something wrong with this picture.

Anita McGill is a former publisher of The Sentinel. She can be reached by email at

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