The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of change here at The Daily Sentinel.

We’ve totally redesigned both the look and content of our print product. The feedback from those changes has been extremely positive both from readers and industry peers.

We’ve added an award winning videographer to our staff with the hiring of Scott Lancaster. Those videos are as good as you’ll find anywhere. Again, the response to our efforts there has been tremendous.

Next Thursday, Nov. 1, we’ll be making some additional changes and I’m excited to tell you about them.

First, we’re proud to announce the addition of our mobile app. Beginning Thursday, when you visit from any mobile device you’ll have a much more positive experience. The new HTML5 site is designed specifically for mobile devices and will make the site much more user friendly.

Secondly, we’re pleased to bring you the full paper online in the form of an e-edition. The e-edition is formatted specifically for tablets and other mobile devices and will allow you to view the paper in its entirety online. Turning of pages will be as simple as swiping your finger across the screen.

Again, both of these will allow your online experience to be much more enjoyable.

Lastly, beginning Nov. 1, we will be offering a 30-day free trial for all of our online services.

Starting Dec. 1, you’ll need a subscriber login to take advantage of all the new digital technology available.

It’s important to note this change will not affect current subscribers. There will be no additional charge to access the web for those folks. You’ll simply be issued a subscriber ID and password.

Non-subscribers will need to simply sign up for a subscription by visiting or by calling us at 256-259-1020.

We’re committed to our subscribers, and we want to give them access to our wide variety of content, no matter which form they choose – in print, at a desktop or on a tablet or smart phone.

We’re also excited for our non-subscribers to try out all the new features. We hope they will recognize the value of what we do.

The Daily Sentinel has been committed to producing compelling, local content for over 100 years. That commitment has allowed us to stay in business and prosper for the last 100 years.

These changes will only enhance our commitment to providing the citizens of Jackson County with the content they both crave and deserve. 


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