Okay. I’ll admit it. I played hooky yesterday – at least for half of the day. 

Scott Berry, Jon Bergman, Blake Wright and I drove to Terrapin Hills Country Club in Fort Payne to participate in the Northeast Alabama Community College Foundation golf tournament. 

It was a first-class event and those in charge should be proud. Although, I can’t say I’m surprised. NACC is a real jewel and we’re lucky to have it. 

Everything they do seems to be excellent. 

First, the participation was tremendous. The only parking spaces available were about one-quarter mile from the clubhouse. There were so many golfers they had morning and afternoon tee times to accommodate everyone. 

Secondly, after checking in, we were served a fantastic steak lunch complete with a baked potato, salad and bread. 

Let me be clear – steak is not the norm for golf tournaments. I remember playing in one in Pickens County where they handed me a brown paper sack with a bologna sandwich and a bag of chips. 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not too uppity to eat bologna. But I’d be lying if I said I preferred it to a ribeye. 

Lastly, not only was the participation from golfers evident, but also from volunteers. From those cooking the steaks to the ladies riding around passing out drinks to golfers, every task was handled. 

I’m guessing the financial gain for the foundation will be significant. That’s a good thing. The work they do is important. 

Let’s give NACC, and their foundation, a big round of applause for all they do. 

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