I’m looking for some feedback, and I need your help. The campaign for the GOP presidential nomination is in full swing. Numerous debates have been televised.

Have you watched? Do you care? Really? 

I posed the following question on Facebook after Tuesday night’s debate – “Honest question – Who all watched the GOP presidential debate tonight? If you didn’t is it because you’ve already made up your mind or because you don’t care. I have a theory that the biggest threat to America today is an apathetic attitude by my generation. Full participation is encouraged and tell me, of the current candidates, who you like and why. That goes for the left, too. If you’ve already decided to cast your vote for the current president I’d like to know that as well.”

I have 583 “friends” on Facebook. Four responded. 

One of those responses was, “The question is, are people ignorant or apathetic? Honestly, I don’t know and don’t care.”

Obviously that response was in jest. However, the lack of response was not very encouraging in my quest to hopefully disprove my theory. 

In full disclosure I must say my cable provider did not televise Tuesday night’s debate. I’m unsure if it was available with other cable providers. I had to watch on the Internet. Perhaps that’s the reason for the lack of response. 

Because of that, and due to the limited reach of only my “friends” on Facebook, I decided to pose the same question here and expand it to include all of the debates. 

Have you watched? Who do you like and why? If you don’t care tell me. But, tell me why you don’t care. 

Email responses to brad.shurett@thedailysentinel.com or use the comment function on the www.thedailysentinel.com

I’d really like to believe people care.

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