While making summer trips we have seen all kinds of amazing or interesting things. We have seen rainbows over the water, sunsets so colorful they look fake, flowers of every description, and so much more. Our country is beautiful and awe-inspiring, and it is a joy to travel around and see it.

It is an added joy when I see the sights through my grandchildren's eyes. Hearing them gasp and exclaim, "Oh, Mimi! Did you see that? It is so beautiful!" Suddenly I notice things I would have missed if I were on my own.

Often our favorite thing to note is cloud formations.  We may be on a walk, or riding along, when someone sees an unusual shape.  My grands will keep on and on pointing and exclaiming, until I see their discovery. Their vivid imaginations are a blessing.

Yesterday, while traveling alone, I was suddenly struck by several amazing shapes in the clouds. The first one looked like a sweet child's face turned toward heaven. My breath caught in my throat, as I spoke to God my awe and gratitude.

I shifted my gaze to check for more blessings, and sure enough, my imagination found two more clouds that seemed to depict a head bowed in prayer, with hands lifted up.

It may sound ordinary and possibly foolish to you, but it was such a blessing to me.  I was tired and a little discouraged that morning. Those shapes in the clouds blessed me and lifted me up. I spent several minutes thanking God for His intimate love and care for His children.

As I thought on this short interlude in my morning, on the amazing mercy of God, I began to recall verses that have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

The heavens declare the glory of God.  The earth shows forth His handiwork.  Day unto day speaks of Him. Night after night speaks to us. There is nowhere on the planet where this voice is not heard.

"The mountains and the hills break forth into singing." Calves leap. Trees clap their hands. Even the very rocks cry out.

Every star is named by the Creator. He knows when a sparrow falls. He softens the earth with rain, and brings forth the crops. His eyes roam over the whole earth. Nothing escapes His watchful eye.

Our precious Creator did not create us, and then leave us to our own devices. He created, He still creates.  He sets up, watches over, maintains, and sustains all. His breath still gives life. He holds the planets in place. He causes the sun to shine on us all.

Give Him praise today. Notice the beauty all around us. Use your imagination to see His touch on your life. Share His joy in this amazing world.

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