The house was lit up, shining bright in the darkness of night. 

There was clearly a lot of thought, a lot of design, a lot of work and whole lot of staples used to hang up all of those Christmas lights. 

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I was in a store before Halloween and Christmas decorations were already on display. I remember as a kid that Christmas was not put out until the first day of December. Things need to go back that way. I love the spiritual side of Christmas but the commercial side makes me sick. Its all about the all mighty dollar!


Well, I can understand why some people go ahead and decorate for Christmas at Thanksgiving. One, nowdays, families are spread out all over the country and the only time they get to see each other is one holiday a year. Sometimes, the Christmas decorations get put up to celebrate welcoming home family for the Thanksgiving holiday--because they won't get to see each other on Christmas. Even before Veterans day, I can understand it because maybe they're seeing a family member who is coming home from Afghanistan and got the holiday off. Also, some people go ahead and decorate their house the weekend before Thanksgiving because they're going to be gone after Thanksgiving and won't have time to decorate later.

My point is, you shouldn't judge others for when they start celebrating the holiday because you don't know what their situation is.

I'm thankful to live in a country where there are not laws that dictate when one can and can't decorate for Christmas.

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