It’s almost Super Bowl time and lots of storylines are coming out about the big game featuring the Seattle Seahawks versus the Denver Broncos.

There’s the Peyton Manning angle, the Richard Sherman subplot, the likelihood of it being a cold weather battle for the NFL Championship and the cost of a 30-second ad. Some have even gone so far as to dub the game “The Munchie Bowl.”

While I watch pro football, I’m not a big fanatic I don’t spend Sunday afternoons glued to the television set like I do most Saturdays. Sure, I watch my favorite teams and some Monday night games but that’s about it. Come playoff time, it’s a different story. I’m watching.

This Super Bowl has my attention. Let’s take it step by step

First, I want to see Peyton Manning win another Super Bowl because people say he’s a choker. He’s not. Football is a 22-man game and Peyton has been on the winning side only once when he was in Indy even though many so-called experts thought his Colts should have won several. The bottom line is, he’s rarely gone into the playoffs with a competitive defense much less a top notch one. It’s the same story this time. The Broncos are great on offense and just average on the other side of the football.

As for Sherman, I believe he’s gotten a raw deal this week after his televised rant after last weekend’s win over San Francisco. After he knocked the potential game winning pass away for an interception he went over to the 49ers receiver, patted him on the rear, stuck his hand out to shake and said, “helluva a game, man. Helluva game,” and then he got shoved in the face.

Seconds later there’s a camera on him and a microphone in his face. He said some things he probably regrets and came across as arrogant. Sherman is arrogant but he’s not a low-life thug as he has been portrayed this week. By all accounts, he’s a pretty good guy but I still want Peyton and the Broncos to light him up.

Playing pro footballs biggest game in New Jersey makes about as much sense as scheduling a water ski tourney in Minnesota in early February. No one knows what the weather will be like at MetLife Stadium just outside New York City but chances are the conditions won’t be ideal. When you’re playing the biggest game of the season to determine the champion — and you have the NFL’s resources — the contest should be played where weather is not likely to be a factor. You want both teams to play its best and for the guys on the field, not the weather, to determine the outcome. We’ll see what happens.

Next Sunday’s game has been nicknamed “The Munchie Bowl” in reference to Colorado and Washington state legalizing the use of marijuana.  Kinda funny, don’t you think? Most people won’t need to toke on a little weed to force a chow down on some muchies (chips, dips, appetizers, sweets, etc.) during the big game.

So as you rev up for next Sunday’s Super Bowl remember to pull for Peyton, to give Sherman a break, to hope for good weather or a snowstorm, and that you don’t need a bag of pot (it’s still illegal in Alabama) to settle in and enjoy eating junk food.  And, last but not least, stay put during timeouts because it’s commercial time and that’s what people watch the Super Bowl for anyway.

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