It’s just been one of those weeks. 

I need to get the yard mowed and can’t. You’ve all had weeks like that when at every turn your best efforts to get something done are thwarted for some reason.

A brief shower after I got home from work prevented me from getting to the task on Tuesday. That was followed a day later by thunder, lightning and another pesky rain shower. Pardon me, but, I’m not getting on a lawnmower when there is a light show in the sky even if it’s far in the distance.

As I sit at my computer early on Thursday morning, I’m doubting today will be the day. Scottsboro, like surrounding areas, got a torrential rain late Wednesday evening. Radar estimated precipitation reports say the area got approximately two inches of rain and the forecast indicates more could be on the way today. With or without more rainfall it will be hard for parts of the yard to dry out before quitting time.

Except for these brief pop up showers and the one torrential downpour the heat and sunshine have returned. It is like you can see and hear the grass growing, and it’s shouting, “gotcha.”

At least the forecast for the weekend looks good. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll find time to get it done with all the extra hustle and bustle that must be crammed into two short days. 

There’s a lot going on in the Bonner family this weekend and we’ll have folks in from near and far celebrating a couple of milestones in the family. I’m looking forward to both events, but must admit I wish the yard would be at its best for those who will visit the house.

As my brother says no matter the situation, “it is what it is.” I can’t control the weather, good or bad, so I’ll just live with whatever comes our way.

To me, the storm on Wednesday night was a show. I like a good thunderstorm and we got it late in the evening. The thunder rolled, the wind blew, and the lightning pealed. It was a spectacular sight as the night sky lit up more spectacularly than man-made fireworks could ever accomplish.

Summertime thunderstorms are beautiful. Yes, there is danger in the clouds and that’s why I didn’t get on the mower when I heard thunder in the distance. But when Mother Nature unleashes her fury, the result can be phenomenal. Storms normally move in and move on in a hurry. 

At night, as a thunderstorm approaches from a great distance, the light show is mesmerizing. As they pass on by the it’s the same thing with the added benefit of cooler temperatures and clean, fresh air.

So, as the week ends, I’ll spend my late afternoons doing the other chores that need completing before the weekend rolls around. 

It the opportunity presents itself, I’ll get on the mower and get that task done. If not, I’ll just wait till next week and just cut the grass a little higher than normal.

After all, it is what it is.

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