Well, it ‘Tis the Season’ yet again. It seems to roll around faster as the years go by. But, nothing much changes once one reaches adulthood.

Yes, Thanksgiving is almost here. Christmas is not far away. That means the hustle and bustle of the season is upon us. Just thinking about it makes me tired. After all, it’s the most hectic time of the year.

There are preparations to make for Thanksgiving and then there will be a hurried trip to visit family for that one day before it’s back to work the next.

After Thanksgiving, things really kick into high gear. There’s shopping to do, chores to complete in anticipation of family and guests stopping by for a visit, and countless places to be and people to see. The calendar doesn’t seem to have a moment to just stop and breathe.

Lest I forget, there are decorations to haul up from the basement, wreaths and garland to hang and lights to string. Then there are the displays to arrange and another dozen or so trips up and down the stairs to carry empty boxes and containers back to their place.

Thank goodness, my bride has stuck to her pledge this year.

“We will get started early next year,” she said as we carried boxes of decorations and the artificial Christmas tree back to the basement after the holiday cheer had come and gone last year.

“Right,” I answered cynically.

Lo and behold, the tree is up. It’s not decorated yet, but it is sitting in our living room waiting for the Bonner’s to bring it to life with lights and decorations accumulated over the past 33 years.

“It’s breathing,” my bride says.

That’s her way of saying that each night she will adjust a few branches to allow the tree to fall as it should. It’s to allow the tree to relax after being basically wadded up and tucked tightly in a box for almost a year.

Well, she has a point. After her tweaking the branches and the tree sitting for several days, it does look more natural. And, when we get the decorations scattered throughout its limbs, that tree does almost come to life.

As much as I grumble, as much as I groan, I do enjoy unwrapping time worn ornaments and remembering who gave us each one or when we purchased it and, of course, where and why. This simple act of unboxing and hanging each decoration in just the proper place on the tree brings back a flood of memories. Soon, our faces are smiling as we remember the minute details of a beautiful baby Jesus, Santa Claus or those very special candle type ornaments that look “exquisite” on the tree according to my better half.

The television specials and commercials prove that Christmas is just around the corner. But, no matter the prodding, like every other year, I’ll wait to the very last minute to get my shopping done and will probably come up short again.

Despite the hurriedness of the season, I do enjoy Christmas because it brings back wonderful memories from childhood and even adulthood. And, I look forward to receiving my special present a little early. That’s the moment when my girl and her new husband roll into town.

After that, there is nothing else I want or need. I just look forward to a weeklong visit and the hope that for at least two or three days we can do nothing but enjoy one another’s company.

Now, if I can just make it through the hectic prelims.

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