When do people really grow up?

You know, when is a person truly mature? 

At some point in life, people accept responsibility. For some, accountability begins early in life. Others take much longer and some just never quite seem to make it. But, are we every truly “grown up?”

A friend put it well Wednesday.

“Paying the bills makes you grow up,” she said as we were talking about Saturdays Junior-Senior Prom at Scottsboro High School. “They better enjoy it while they can.”

That got me to thinking about my days in high school way back in the day when FM radio was just truly coming into its own. I thought about the two proms I attended and the ladies I escorted to each. One, I see regularly around town. The other I haven’t seen in years.

The kids who attend Saturday night’s shindig at the Scottsboro-Goose Pond Civic Center will make memories. Few will attend with the one they’ll eventually settle down with as an adult, but they’ll are learn from the experience of the night.

More likely than not the memories will fade with time. But, each will remember their date. They’ll recall whether they had an enjoyable evening or one to be forgotten.

For the record, I enjoyed both the proms I attended even though I wasn’t a big music fan or dancer.

Soon enough, this weekend’s prom goers will be tomorrow’s adults. They’ll be traipsing off to work or college and life will slowly change. 

Today’s teens, like yesterdays, have few worries or cares. Life is all about the moment.

With a little more maturity people learn to better savor each step along life’s journey. You just can’t go back and relive moments in time.

Aging leaves us with memories.

 Hopefully most make us smile rather than fill us with regrets. 

Over the years, I’ve found, it’s the times I regret most that I wish I could go back and do over again. 

I don’t want to change the good times — just the stupid ones. 

Isn’t all of life that way? Don’t we continue to hurt the ones we care for and love with hurtful words and actions whether intentional or unintentional? 

If we are brutally honest, we all likely do that on a regular basis at work, home or when we’re out and about. That doesn’t mean we aren’t accepting responsibility. 

It does show that life is a process. It is a race that continues until we lose all our marbles and can’t be held accountable for our actions or until our earthly body gives out. 

Either way, one goal should be to have as few “duh” moments as possible. Maybe we should take the time to make each day special. 

Then we can, at least, claim to be “grown up.”

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