Saturday night, as the tune to “Thriller” echoed in my living room, the kids from church trying their best to master the dance moves on the Wii, my mom sent me a text that made me laugh out loud.

Snow flurries expected for Monday night, it read. I talk at church and on Facebook had made the evident possibility of small flurries a reality, but it wasn’t until Mom sent me the  text that I looked twice at the calendar.

Last year the first hint of winter’s white covering came around December 14. And even that was just enough of a dusting to make a few good snowmen and place the birds at the County Park behind a small bank of frosted water and light snow. It’s not even December yet and already are we talking snow again.

While the first few threats  of snow are never lasting, hit and miss depending on what part of this state you live in, the fact that snow talk is starting earlier makes me wonder what the rest of winter is going to bring.

Even the school officials are refraining from that four letter word.

And I’ve already had plenty of kids ask me if they can stay at my house just in case the roads ice over and snow thickens upon the ground. Because at my house when it snows and ices you are stuck for days.

Who can forget last January? It’s hard for me to think that it’s been almost a year since that snow. I spent three days cooped up in the house with Linus, eating turkey sandwiches and watching the news. I made a snowman, some snow angels and wished that I had more company than just Linus to share it with. This year, if a giant snow is expected, I’m sure my house will be full of children.

Of course I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, I would really appreciate Jack Frost to wait a few more weeks until the snow and ice and sleet settle in. At least by Christmas. Another White Christmas would be a great gift for my mother.

Saturday morning, Megan Chadwick and I went to work sorting through all of my outdoor Christmas decorations. After a few hours of tearing through every box in my house, I still didn’t find all of my icicle lights and Snoopy yard ornaments.

She and I untangled lights and hung glowing stars from my front porch. We assembled two multi-colored lighted Christmas trees and wrapped extension cords in places to hide them from view.

Inside we assembled my Christmas tree, putting it up with fresh lights and all of my cherished ornaments, many of which still have stories I’ve yet to share with readers.

On Saturday, just a few hours before the Crimson Tide sealed another win this season, this time against Auburn, Megan and I laughed and sang silly Christmas songs all the while dressed like we were chilling in the middle of summer.

“The sun is coming out,” Megan sang.

Though the wind blew some of the leaves on the ground, from among the trees were tiny rays of sun, warm enough to make me enjoy a day out in the yard.

Such is life in the South, where weather patterns allow you to wear shorts and a t-shirt one day to hang your Christmas lights and then sweaters and gloves the next day. Oh wait, that must just be Alabama weather.

But this dry, dreary, dank, dark, bleary rain has set in and with it comes the cold and with that comes the ice and hopefully some snow.

I can’t recall hearing about the threat of possibly snow flurries this early into the winter season. We just ended Thanksgiving and already it’s time to bundle up our toes and fingers as we anticipate just enough snow to make a few snow balls and delay school an hour or two.

Santa, if you are listening from your cozy chair in the North Pole, you know, the one where you sit by the fire making the first pass over the naughty and nice list, could you either send us a lot of snow, like a foot, or none at all? This wet sloshy mess we have going on outside is no fun. Besides, it’s not even December yet.

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