I thought my neck pain Monday morning was just one of those wonderful cricks, you know, the kind you get from sleeping in the wrong position, or in my case, sleeping too long.

By noon and then later that afternoon the pain was all but tollerable.

I admit, I put on a nice smile for my coworkers and everyone I came in contact with for stories that day.

But when the time came for me to head home, I was out in a flash.

The next day and days that have followed Ken has asked me the same question, one I’m still trying to figure out the answer to.

“How did you hurt your neck?”

Between the medicine prescribed by the doctor and intervals of hot and cold compresses I’ve been able to narrow down my neck pain to three possible reasons.

On Saturday morning, I woke to the sound of a waterfall coming from my laundry room. The rushing water hit my ankles and I panicked, not sure if a pipe had burst or my washer had exploded.

After wading through the water, changing a light bulb in the laundry room and finally figuring out how to cut off the water, I realized that my washer had been stuck on the fill mode all night.

Thus began the long, morning of bailing water out of the laundry room. Ten gallons and a bunch of soppy wet towels later, I’m sure those repetitive motions had something to do with my Monday morning neck pain.

After getting all of that cleaned up, on top of my dishwasher springing an even bigger leak, my outdoor dog Lucy refused to come in from the cold.

She’s taken up with the cornfield across the road, running as free as can be through it in the evenings.

By Saturday afternoon I was in no mood to have Lucy running free around the house. So I did all of my usual tricks to entice her back in the garage. First I shook her favorite bowl of dog food and then I called her extremely sweet names, begging her to come in.

Our tussle in the front yard resulted in me picking her up. And for a 40-50 pound dog, she was pretty heavy. Perhaps my neck problem only worsened  then.

Then on Sunday I thought I would relive my youth a bit and go on a roller skating adventure. I’ve always had the fantasy that one day I’ll be a great ice skater who can turn jumps and flips on the ice with ease. I only fell one time while skating. Surely that wasn’t the cause.

The good news is that my pulled muscle is healing just fine, but my pride is a little bruised. I guess this is what I get for doing a little physical activity the wrong way.

Maybe next time I’ll be more cautious. I’m sure my co-workers who’ve listened to me whine this week will agree.

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