Jason Davidson was named the principal at the Earnest Pruett Center of Technology (EPCOT) at the Jackson County Board of Education meeting Thursday evening. Davidson, who is currently the principal at Skyline High School, will take over at EPCOT on March 30.

Board member Charles West was the only member of the board to vote against Davidson’s transfer.

When asked his reason for voting against the transfer, West said, “I don’t have a reason for it, just voted no against [Davidson].”

During the meeting, West asked if the job advertisement called for the director of EPCOT to have career tech education experience. Superintendent Kevin Dukes said the position was posted as a principal position.

Dukes said Davidson will do an outstanding job at EPCOT.

“He has taken Skyline to a new level,” said Dukes. “With this new project and with the current career tech, I’m excited to see what the future holds.” 

Davidson said it is a “very exciting” opportunity.

“When you see the impact EPCOT can have countywide, it is an opportunity for me to reach all Jackson County schools,” said Davidson. “My goal is to eventually get it to where every student comes through EPCOT at some point in their high school or middle school career.”

Davidson does not have a traditional education background. He worked in business before going back to get his fifth-year master’s degree in education. Dukes said that business background gives him an edge at EPCOT.

“He’s going to have to be a school principal, business leader and a liaison between political figures, business and career tech centers,” said Dukes.  

Davidson taught economics and democracy and career prep. He has always had a passion for economic development.

“This is something that’s truly exciting for me to combine several things that I’ve always loved,” said Davidson.

Davidson said that a unique challenge with the tech school will be trying to dig into some data because of the school system’s new project.

“Going forward we have the opportunity to do things we’ve never done before, and I’m going to have to look at data from an economic and local point of view to forecast growth for jobs for future generations,” said Davidson.

Davidson said he is going to hit the ground running and learn everything he can about the students and faculty at EPCOT to make it a smooth transition. He said the Summer will be an opportunity to really dig in and learn everything he needs to learn to start next school year.

Davidson taught at North Jackson High School for ten years before becoming the principal at Skyline. He wanted to thank the teachers, faculty, students and community at Skyline during his time there.

Dukes said the school system would advertise the principal opening at Skyline, and the new principal would start when Davidson starts at EPCOT.

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