Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller, a part-time employee of The Jackson County Sentinel, recently graduated from Scottsboro High School.

The Jackson County Sentinel is proud of our Scottsboro High School graduate, Kyle Miller, who has been employed by the Sentinel since February. Miller works in the mailroom, helping insert sale papers and prepare bundles for distribution.

“The job has been good, and I’ve learned something new,” said Miller. “It’s cool to read the news the day before it comes out. The other employees have been friendly and have helped me to learn the job.”

The Sentinel interviewed Miller on Feb. 19 of this year for a part-time mailroom position. Malinda Sommers, who coordinates the co-op students at SHS, helped the Sentinel set up the initial interview. The same day he was offered the job, it happened to be his birthday.

“I’m glad to have been given this opportunity,” said Miller. “It was a goal of mine to get a job on my 18th birthday. Being able to have this experience, in an assembly-type job has really helped me and I’m thankful for Mrs. Sommers to help set it up.”

Miller will miss high school but is prepared for the next step on his educational path. What he will miss most are the teachers and friends. One of those was his English teacher, Wendy Haymon

“Mrs. Haymon has always pushed me to do better in her class. It was my favorite class,” Miller said. “Her influence helped me a lot. She has always told me I can do anything I want to do in life.”

He has always wanted a career where he is more hands-on with his job. Being able to work in the mailroom has provided him that opportunity.

“From the outside, you don’t think about the operations taking place inside the Sentinel,” said Miller. “It is a large production to insert the papers, prepare the mail and sort the bundles for the carriers. Readers see the inserts, but no one realizes we are here, putting them all together for them.”

Miller plans to attend Northeast Alabama Community College in the fall. He is planning to major in Criminal Justice.

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