A pathologist testified in Keith Shirey’s murder trial this week that Shirey’s father, Charles Shirey, was brutally beaten at least 18 times with an object to the head, suffering skull and brain damage.

Keith Shirey is accused of killing his father on May 24, 2017. State prosecutors say money played a part in Charles Shirey’s death. Charles Shirey’s body was found in his home, on County Road 372 in Dutton.

Montgomery attorney Joe Espy III, and his sons, Bill Espy and Ben Espy, are representing Keith Shirey.

Ben Espy questioned the pathologist, suggesting the attack on Charles Shirey was by two people. Charles Shirey was also found with at least 17 lacerations on his arms and bruises. The pathologist said it was possible there were two people.

On the morning of Charles Shirey’s death, bank employees at First Southern State Bank in Rainsville testified that Keith Shirey came to the bank before 9 a.m. and transferred $50,000 into his account from a joint account owned by he and his father.

“There was no blood or scratches on Keith that morning,” said Bill Espy. “The account was owned by Keith and Charles. He could’ve called it in over the phone. He transferred his own money.”

Still, prosecutors say money played a major part, saying Keith Shirey was in debt, and his father was tired of paying all of his bills. Family members testified saying Charles and Keith had been in arguments over money.

The defense denied the money troubles, saying Keith and Charles had joint accounts, making that money just as much Keith’s.

Major Eric Woodall, of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, took the stand Thursday morning and remained there Friday, as videos of interviews with Keith Shirey were played for the jury.

The trial will resume Monday and is expected to last most the of the week.

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