Dear Editor:

This has been on mind for several weeks, and I have toyed with the idea of writing, but I feel I need to voice my opinion regarding recent changes in the Sentinel.

I think a newspaper has been in existence in Jackson County for around 130 years. I have been an avid reader and subscriber, and I watched it change from the Progressive Age, the Scottsboro Citizen and the Jackson County Sentinel to the now, Daily Sentinel. I believe the paper was first organized to “expand and exchange local coverage of Scottsboro and Jackson County.” I think recently the paper has wandered from its’ original purpose.

The Sentinel has always been most cooperative in printing articles, letters and pictures I have submitted. I enjoy your coverage of local happenings, the Scottsboro City and Jackson County School information, sports coverage, sales papers, historical articles, religious, legal, political and economic commentaries. I do think the paper has begun including too many “take up space” articles, and many state and federal issues. There, I do not consider “local” news. Some editorials are enjoyable and some I see no point in writing.

My subscription fee was for a Daily Sentinel (excluding Monday, which I understood the reason why). The paper has been scaled back to fewer days per week and has been including a section for Tennessee readers and the happenings there. This is not Jackson County news. I’m sure many folks on the upper end of the mountain may enjoy this, but to the rest of the county it is useless. If one wants news from Tennessee, subscribe to a local Tennessee paper. I do enjoy the Charm magazine and the fact that Jackson Magazine has been expanded to one monthly.

I realize the paper is not being written exclusively for Brenda Brown, and many may enjoy the “take up space” articles. I have, however, heard many negative comments about this new format. I will not stop my subscription because of my dislikes, but would encourage you to look back at your paper’s original purpose of formation and begin to “lean back” toward that purpose.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my opinion.

—Brenda K. Brown


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