Jackson County Board of Education Superintendent Kevin Dukes said he has been kept out of the process of appointing a new board member.

The school board will meet at 8 a.m. on Friday to attempt to appoint a new member to fill the vacancy left by the death of board member Cecil Gant.

“I will be good if they can come to an agreement,” said Dukes. “I just hope it’s someone who has no hidden agendas when it comes to the students and educators.”

If the board fails to make an appointment Friday morning, it will be passed on to State Superintendent Eric Mackey.

“I hope we can get someone appointed,” said Board President Chad Gorham. “I think it will be best if we can get someone rather than letting it go to the state superintendent.”

Board member Charles West agreed, saying earlier this week that it needs to be done Friday.

At a prior board meeting to fill the vacancy, the school board had three nominations, but none passed. Retired educators Linda Smith and Dwight Griffith, along with Chris Knight, were nominated.

West said he has someone to nominate but didn’t reveal who it was. Gorham said he plans to nominate Griffth again.

“I think he would be a good one,” said Gorham of Griffith. “I think he would be objective.”

Gorham added that he was a little surprised Griffith was not appointed in the last meeting. He also said he thinks there is a 60% chance of an appointment Friday.

The school board will meet in the Teacher Resource Center at the Board of Education.

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