Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres

Woodville High School Senior

A young man who is both an honor student and athlete is this week’s outstanding youth. 

Juan Carlos Torres is a senior at Woodville High School.

Carlos is an A and B student and member of the Beta Club.  He has been recognized at the ROAR academic program for his excellent grades. 

He is also a member of the FFA (Future Farmers of America).

This high school senior is a returning starter on both the offense and defense for the Woodville Panthers varsity football team. He has earned All-County and All-Region honors in football.

Carlos attends EPCOT (Earnest Pruett Center of Technology) where he is enrolled in the masonry program. 

As a junior this talented masonry student was chosen as the EPCOT Student of the Month.

History is this student’s favorite school subject. 

“I love to learn about our past and how everything came about,” Carlos adds.

This high school senior also has plans for his future.  He plans to own his own masonry company, and his studies at EPCOT are  helping him prepare for that.

Carlos has a part-time job at Walmart.  When this busy teen has free time, he enjoys working on the land and with his horses.

Carlos’s parents are Tara Scheirer and Tia Bryson. His grandmother is Dixie Mitchell. His sisters are Rain, Erika, Sahara, and Lizee. He has one brother, Mykhail.

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