Mountain Valley Playhouse (MVP) will finally get an opportunity to play in front of their community when they perform the play Hey Diddle, Diddle, a play that deconstructs the popular nursery rhyme, at 7 p.m. on July 22 and 23 and at 2 p.m. on July 24. The play will be performed at Fellowship Campus Church. This play features the biggest cast MVP has ever had, with 24 actors spanning from ages 7-18.

“We’re just kind of hoping that nothing is going to happen. Last year, it was one thing after another. This year, we’ve been really lucky. We had only one young lady leave the cast for personal reasons, not COVID related, but we had an understudy ready to go,” co-director and MVP founder Traci Phillips said.

With the diversity in cast age, it takes a little more nuance for Phillips and co-director Samantha Moore to manage the cast. Luckily, some of the older and more experienced cast members help set an example to the younger cast on how to develop their character and make their roles something that is uniquely theirs.

“[The younger cast] get to watch the older cast and emulate them. The little ones need to be reminded a bit more ‘this is what we want you to do, stand a little taller, talk a little louder’. They get a lot more direct attention,” Phillips said.

After the play, Phillips is excited to begin auditions for the two competitive plays MVP hopes to have in 2022, one for all ages and the other at the Alabama Youth Theater Experience, which will be for 18 and under. Phillips would also like to continue performing plays locally and even expressed interest in having a community talent show some time in November.

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