Dear Thief:

I have five things to call to your attention.

First, your actions were illegal. You trespassed on our property on three different occasions, in the dark of night, to steal political signs representing our favored candidate, Joe Biden.

Second, your actions were disrespectful. In a democracy, people have the right to express opinions in an appropriate manner on their own property. In stealing three signs over a period of three weeks, you clearly indicate that, like your own preferred candidate, you have no respect for anyone who thinks differently than you.

Third, your actions show a lot of fear. Are you so afraid of this coming election? Are you so afraid that your own candidate, who constantly disrespects others and has no concern for a democracy’s freedom of speech and opinion, might lose this coming election?

Fourth, only cowards resort to low down stealing in the dark of night.

Fifth, would you be surprised to know that there are web cameras that take pictures of people sneaking about in the dark on other people’s property?

—Barbara Heath


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