It’s terrible, to say the least.

Surprisingly after the November election, COVID was still here. I think that shocked some of us. We were told to wear masks, social distance and wash our hands. Some of us said we are not wearing a mask. Gov. Kay Ivey said it’s mandated that we all wear masks.

Still, some of us fought it and continue to fight it. Now, there’s a vaccine, they say. Some of us want it, some of us don’t.

We will remember COVID and the havoc it has created. It affected our children and their ability to learn and be educated. It has driven many of us crazy mad. Sometimes, I am in that group.

Mostly, it has cost us. It’s cost jobs. It’s cost people the ability to pay their mortgage or rent payments. It’s left some of us without.

Yes, we hate COVID.

As much as it dominated 2020, around the world, news still went on. Early last year, a tragic fire at Jackson County Park took eight lives. Any other time, that would have easily been the top story of the year.

The past year saw Circuit Judge Jenifer Holt retire. It also saw Ralph Dawe retire as police chief in Scottsboro. Dawe would go on to be elected to the Scottsboro City Council.

That election also saw the first black female, Nita Tolliver, elected to the city council, as she made history.

The year closes out with Tim Guffey resigning at Jackson County Commission chairman. That story is still unfolding.

Still, it always comes back to COVID. Here’s hoping we beat this year. Here’s hoping we all have Happy New Year.

DeWayne Patterson is the editor and publisher of The Sentinel. He can be reached by email to 

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