Greg Bell

WWIC Radio owner Greg Bell has been dealing with the coronavirus since July.

He woke up on a Thursday morning not feeling very well. He thought maybe he was running a fever.

Yet, he pulled himself from bed and, like always, headed to work, to the radio station. Greg Bell, owner of WWIC Radio, had PartyLine to do at 9 a.m.

As soon as the call-in show ended, Bell headed to his doctor for a temperature check.

“I pulled to the back of the building and wore a mask,” said Bell. “Someone came out and checked my temperature. It was high.”

He was sent to Urgent Care to be tested for the COVID virus. Bell went home. He went to work the next morning because PartyLine must go on.

“I allowed no one access to me or the building,” said Bell. “Once PartyLine was over, I went home.”

Later that day, on Friday, July 17, he learned had tested positive. He had the virus. Early the next week, Bell said he was still running a fever, was nauseated and felt very weak.

“I had very sore legs, kind of like shin splints, on both Monday and Tuesday,” said Bell. “My legs were extremely sore, all the way to the bone, from my hips to my ankles. That went away on Wednesday.”

During this time, Bell had no appetite and didn’t eat.

“I had heard that lots of people lose their sense of smell and taste,” said Bell. “I didn’t, but just had no appetite.”

Throughout the day on Wednesday, July 22, Bell continued to feel bad. His oxygen level was dropping into the 80s.

Later that evening, his wife, Angie, took him to Highlands Medical Center. Through the emergency room and finally into ICU, Bell said he finally went to sleep around 4 a.m. after arriving at the hospital at 6 p.m.

Thursday, July 23, Bell said was the worst he felt.

“I was weak, nausea, some dry heaves and still no appetite,” he said. “They started me on some medications that I took until I was allowed to leave on Friday.”

Bell said he started to get some color back and began feeling some better.

“I still didn’t have much appetite except for fresh fruit that was part of my meals,” said Bell. “I had another chest x-ray and was told that both my lungs had what was referred to as a ‘disease’ in them.”

On Friday evening, he was allowed to go home with medication and an oxygen machine.

“Angie picked me up,” said Bell. “We came home, and I stayed put with my oxygen and prescribed medications. I was just glad to be home where I could shower, shave and wash my hair.”

On Tuesday, July 28, Bell did PartyLine and went home. Bell has been able to continue doing PartyLine because it must go on. He remains on oxygen.

“And still no public access to me or the radio station,” he said.

During this time, Angie also tested positive.

“Fortunately, she didn’t have the same symptoms as me,” said Bell. “She did not have a fever but some shortness of breath, coughing and weakness.”

Bell said, like many people, he didn’t take the virus as serious as he should have. He said he has no idea how he got it, or where.

“I know for certain that lots of people have had more serious complications than I have had, but I promise this had not been fun at all,” he said.

And for now, Bell says, he will be more careful about allowing public access to the radio station.

“Just to be on the safe side,” he added.

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