Dear Editor:

I don’t like to see anybody bullied.  When Dr. Kimberly Coats signed to run as a Democrat, the Republican boss of Jackson County knew she had to get a letter from a Republican School Board in Montgomery and that letter was a few days late. 

So, he took her to court and had her removed from the ballot as a Democrat.  This had nothing to do with her qualifications. In spite of his best efforts to keep her off the ballot we will be able to find her name and vote for her.

Dr. Coats is well educated and has the highest qualifications.  Dr. Kimberly Coats will insure our children are as safe as possible and that they receive the quality education they deserve. 

With her leadership our Jackson County School system will be the model for the entire nation.

I ask all my friends to vote for her and help elect this brilliant person to lead our schools.  Dr. Kimberly Coats for Jackson County Superintendent of Education.

Working together, we can make life better!

—George Lewis



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