Mural artist John Warr in front of his mural with the grandchildren of George Hess, the inspiration for the mural. Pictured L-R: Warr, Gene Hess, Glenda Beard and Nancy Hastings.

Main Street Scottsboro hosted a block party on Thursday to celebrate the completion of the Man on the Bike Mural in downtown Scottsboro.

Local artist John Warr has been working on the mural since July, and he recently completed the project.

“People kept asking when I was going to be done [painting the mural]. I had no idea. I thought it would be six weeks, but that turned into eight weeks. Then eight weeks turned into four months.,” said Warr. “I finally started to tell people it would be done when I put my signature on it.”

Warr snuck down to the square Wednesday night and signed the mural. He unveiled his signature at the party on Thursday.

“I love Scottsboro. I love my sleepy little retirement town,” said Warr. “We have a picture from 1894 of a man with one arm on the side of a building. Who else has that? Nobody.”

Scottsboro’s Events and Marketing Coordinator and Main Street Director Meg Nippers said this project was one of a kind.

“This project has been one of a kind since its inception. What began as an idea to create another Instagram-worthy photo opportunity on the square has become an incredible display of local talent and a glimpse into Scottsboro’s past,” said Nippers. “John Warr’s attention to detail and ability to perfectly capture the essence of Jackson County made him the obvious choice to bring the image to life. John is such a beloved member of the community and has had hundreds of cheerleaders throughout this process.”

Nippers said the Man on the Bike mural will help draw more visitors and community members to the downtown area. She hopes to have a variety of murals downtown over the next few years.

“Main Street’s mission is to showcase Downtown Scottsboro as the place to shop, dine, invest, and enjoy time with friends and family. Creating public art downtown will help us achieve the mission by drawing more visitors and community members to the area,” said Nippers.

Nippers also wanted to thank the Hess family for allowing Main Street to use their photo for the mural.

Several members of the community came to see the official unveiling of the mural. Kids were riding their bicycles around the square. Patrick’s Meat Market was grilling hamburgers for everyone. People enjoyed cake and each other’s company while celebrating Scottsboro’s first downtown mural.

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